truth .

Jessie was a normal teenager .
Until she had to moved to Ireland with her mothers new boyfriend... Jessie had to go to a new school , and meet new people which she is bad at. But one day Jessie meets Niall and her world turns upside down.

What will happen ?

feedback will be suitable for this book please :) .



9. Niall and I

Harry and Louis ? 


They stop what they were doing to stare at me and Harry bought me in the room and locked the door  " It's not what it looks like Jess " I look at the both of them and smile " It's okay I knew something was going on between you guys you should just told me you two are dating Iv'e would of understand " I said patting Harry's and Louis back " Promise me you wont tell anyone" I put my hand up " I Jessie Retamar swear to never tell anyone that I saw you two beautiful men making out " they begin to laugh " Are you drunk ? " I stare at him and smirked " Just a tiny bit not that much " and I get up and walk back to the room me and Niall was in ... he was still here " I though you leave by now " and he got up with his sweater in his hands " No , I'm leaving with you" he smirked and we left out the front door god its was fucking cold I began to shiver " Here take this " and he placed his sweater over me " Thanks " I smiled at him and we kept on walking . 


We talked about Zayn and how he could be all to himself and how he could stare at his handsomeness in the mirror for about 15 to 20 mins or so , Aria how she had a rough relationship with this boy named Liam , and Sophie how she could get under people skin and ruin them by just a smile well I could see that now " Come with me "  and I grab his hand and lead him over to the field next to my house we both fall back on the grass and just stare at the stars " Jessie your not like other girls at all you much more laid back and cool " I nod my head and turn towards him but when I turn I could already see him staring at me " Your guess is right , I'm not like other girl I'm much more of that cool girl / bad bitch only if you don't temp me " he laughs at me and gets up " Well I better get going then " and he helps me up but I almost trip while I get up " Yeah me too " and we both grab each other hands but I let go " Bye " and I ran to the side of my house and began to climb the vines " Bye" he yells. 


I'm going to have the worst hangover when I get up . 


Niall P.O.V 


I put my shoes on but then I noticed Jessie left Where the fuck did she go ? I'll just sit here until she comes back but then I hear the door knob turn it was Zayn " Where Jessie ? " He asks and I shrug my shoulders and layed back on the bed " Do you think Jessie good in bed ? " I get up and looked at him what does he mean by that ? he is probally drunk right now " I really wanna bang her she is so hot man " he smirks at me " But didn't you say you think you love her and shit a day ago but now you wanna bang her  " I said in a serious tone and Zayn looks at me still with the smirk " I wasn't serious  and the date we go on after it I will take back to my place and we would play a round of rough sex " I wanna punch him so hard he does this all the time why does he keep doing that ? " Man , don't do this to her okay " and Zayn took the smirk off             " When did you become such a pussy ? " he laughs and I get pissed a little " Never did when did  you become such a dickhead " Zayn gets up and walk out of the door . 


I don't want Zayn to have sex with her , She is new to this town and the least he  could to is have sex with Jessie  I hate him for doing this.Jessie isn't what I said she is ... she is more than that she laid back , cool , sometimes a bitch but a cute bitch and yeah she is perfect What am I saying ? Do I like her or something but then Jessie comes in the door and her perfect smile lights my dark heart . 


I think I like Jessie but she can't know . 




Hope you enjoy  :) 

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Thanks <3 

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