truth .

Jessie was a normal teenager .
Until she had to moved to Ireland with her mothers new boyfriend... Jessie had to go to a new school , and meet new people which she is bad at. But one day Jessie meets Niall and her world turns upside down.

What will happen ?

feedback will be suitable for this book please :) .



1. First Day of School .

I wake up to seeing the boxes still on the floor and clothes hanging off the chair. I forgot to put my things up in the closet and book shelf but I'll do it when I get home from my first day of hell , I sigh and fall back on the back again . I get up and get dressed and head down stairs to see my mother cooking " Hello Mother " I said in a fake british accent and my mother smiled at me " Fine , how's my beautiful daughter doing this fine morning " she replies back with the same accent " Mother  I don't please on going to school today" and turned to the plate of bacon on the table " Why is that ?" she said and looked at me . I walked towards her with pieces of bacon wrap in a paper towel " Well.. I don't know cause I'm new and I don't know anyone " I said raising the bacon in my hand and walked towards the couch and grabbed my book bag.


I don't wanna go to school , people will look at me a certain way and I don't know anyone at all espically in this country they called Ireland I had only come here cause my mother and her new boyfriend told me that this place will be beautiful but all I've seen is just sheep and open grass land that's it. I walk towards the door and gave my mother a kiss " Good luck honey " she yelled at me as I walk down the front porch , I keep walking down the block and see my new high school Kingside Valley ..... I already knew this was going to be the worst 4 years of my life. I go to the office and sign up for the student application " What is your name ? , Where do you live ? , What age are you ? , What grade are you in ? , Student ID ? etc ... etc ... ". The dean shows me to my classroom and saw my teacher which was this guy names Mr . Fitzs by the way was very hot for a teacher.


" This is Jessie , treat her with respect and Aria please show Ms. - umm I'm sorry I don't even know your last name " he smiled down at me " Its Retamar , Jessie Retamar " and I looked at everyone , I was shaking and nervous what if I go to my seat and trip and fall or what if I just fall and colaspe on the floor ? I worry to much about a lot of things I need to get over that . Dean showed me to the fifth seat next to the window and Mr. Fitz begun his lesson again , I could tell a lot of girl weren't really paying attention to him teaching but they were just dreaming about kissing him and having sex with him and the rest of a teenage girl fantasy but while I was caught in the moment of daydreaming out the window I see a blonde boy that had caught my eye.


" Sorry , I'm late Mr. Fritz " she smirked and walked to his seat.

" Just take your seat now Mr. Horan " he points to his seat which was right next to me out of all seats why next to me ? oh yeah I'm new here and he was here before me I swear sometimes I'm really dumb. Aria comes towards me and say to me " That's Niall the bad boy " she smiles and taps my shoulder and I just stare at her as she walks away


Niall .

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