A Fantasy comes TRUE (a CaptainSparklez & MinecraftUniverse)

Hey.. My name is Bella. Bella Itiamo, Im quite the shy type, I got here to Pax to meet Some Youtubers, and hopefully my Crush Jason.. But of course because My life hates me, The taxi takes about an HOUR to get to the airport I then run trying to reach where the youtubers of my dreams would give out autographs. But PAX is bigger than i thought.

Saraeh Jazyimei Traysys Peterosn Hejsla. I am a completly normal girl. But i have ADHD i am violent if people hit me. But the person that can calm my titties is Jordan Maron. A lovely boy. He always make me smile and laugh. Over YouTube. I never met him but my best friend Bella and i are going to pax


3. What..?

**Bella's POV**


'Omg, i'm actually sitting right next to Jason' I screamed inside.

I just sat there, didn't know what to do, or what to say.

I saw how Sarah just talked, and before i knew it i saw her going with Jordan.

I saw at Jason, "Hes so amaz-"

"Whaaat?" I heard from everyone.

"Shit.. did i say that out loud?.." I said nervous.

"Yeah, you did." I heard from Jason who blushed a bit looking at me, he then turned his head and looked the other way.



**Deadlox's POV**

We kinda just sat there, when Jordan took away Seraeh, something was going on, it was easy to se.

I turned my look over at Jason, he was blushing. I've never seen him like that for years, did he actually like that girl?

Suddently the words "Hes so amaz-" came out from Bella's mouth, everyone and me said "Whaaat?".

"Shit.. did i say that out loud?.." Bella said looking quite nervous about it.

"Yeah, you did." Jason responded, i saw him blushing and then look away from Bella.

They really liked eachother didn't they? It atleast looked like it.. "Hey, Jason why don't you take Bella for a walk?"

"U-Uh.. Sure.." Jason said, "Want to.. B-Bella?"

"..Sure" Bella said.

Jason took Bella's arm "Sooo.. Bella How old are you?" Jason said and walked away before i heard the age. I thought Bella was a boodyful girl. But It seems like Jason got her. Mean while Jason and Bella was taking a walk. Jordan and Saraeh came back. Saraeh got her arms signed and Lapiz sword. Jordan signed her forehead and the egde of the sword. I don't know what makes me unlovely. But i just knew that something was going on with Jordan and JAson. everybody loved them. 


**Jordan's POV**

I looked quickly at Ty. He was so far away. "Ty are you okay?" whipered to him. "No. You and Jason get all the girl. Sky, Ant, Cave, Seto, Jolly ol' Brits, Podcrash and me gets all the fanboys" he whipered back. "You like Bella right? When you saw her. YOu brightned up" i whipered. "Yeah" Deadlox asked. "As long you don't think Sarah is boodyful" i laughed and saw Saraeh quickly adjust her cap. Like i have met Saraeh before but it was in a super market where she was behind the desk. It was love at first sight. "Soo. Sarah when are you going home. I mean you must study or something?" i asked Saraeh. "I am here for two years. My teacher sends me  things for research. And i study to become a science  surgery doctor. A doctor that use science to cure cancer and stuff" she smiled after the answer. Like the time froze when she smiled. I looked at Sky and Dawn that was all cuddly?


-spring to Jason and Bella comes back-


I looked at the others. "I am getting tired. It's like 7 p.m." i said. "Can i come with you. Bella and i forgot to rent a room. So we have no place to stay." Saraeh asked. "Of curse. You can sleep in my bed. I can sleep on the couch." Jordan said. "Oh thanks Jordan" i said. We walked  for like 2 minutes and we were at the hotel. Jordan showed the room he sleeped in. Deadlox slept in the room too. "Jordan?" Saraeh asked. "Yeah" i answered. "I can't sleep." she said. I wasn't even at the couch yet. But i did it any ways. "okay make space" i said and walked over to the bed. I slipped under the blanket and layed my arm over her waist. In 2 minutes she was asleep. I heard Deadlox come into the room. I heard him whisper something. "what a waste.. She is with Jordan" i heard Cave say. I walked over to him and looked angry. "Look Dan. She choose me! Not you! Learn it. I could choose between 1 million girls of my subscribers. But i choose her." i said/yelled. I apparently woke Sarah up. "What are you guys argueing about? It's like 2 am!" she said sternly to us. "I heard Cave say: What a waste.. She is with Jordan" and then i was mad becuase i choose to be nice to you. But i could choose 1 million other girl from my subscribers." i said


Saraeh's POV ÐÐ

"Just dont fight over me!" i said angry and harsh. "It's like 6th grade!" i said and crossed my arms. "Sorry.." Jordan said. "Just dont. You take my heart and step hard on it, making it to dust! You should be ashamed!" i said harsh. "But now i will go to sleep. In my own room!" i said and walked out of the door and rented a room. I heard Jordan in the background. "Jordan. Just stop!"

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