A Fantasy comes TRUE (a CaptainSparklez & MinecraftUniverse)

Hey.. My name is Bella. Bella Itiamo, Im quite the shy type, I got here to Pax to meet Some Youtubers, and hopefully my Crush Jason.. But of course because My life hates me, The taxi takes about an HOUR to get to the airport I then run trying to reach where the youtubers of my dreams would give out autographs. But PAX is bigger than i thought.

Saraeh Jazyimei Traysys Peterosn Hejsla. I am a completly normal girl. But i have ADHD i am violent if people hit me. But the person that can calm my titties is Jordan Maron. A lovely boy. He always make me smile and laugh. Over YouTube. I never met him but my best friend Bella and i are going to pax


2. The meet up



 We walked of the airplaine and out of the airport. It was almost 17:45! We ran as fast as we could to PAX we got in. I ran faster than Saraeh, she could'nt keep up with me. "CHILL BELLA!" Saraeh yelled at me. "NO!! I need To hurry if i want that autografh before they leave!" i ran, almost running into people, i could'nt believe how big pax was, how would i find where they stood? "Waaait, i can't keep up!" I heard Saraeh Yell, but i could'nt help it, i just NEEDED that autograph, meeting Sky, Deadlox, And Especially Jason was my DREAM, I needed to get to them before I fell to the floor as i ran into someone, "Sorry, i didn't see you" i said. "Here let me help you up" A hand reached out for mine, i got helped up and right then i looked into JASON'S FACE I gasped,, I was spechless. It was Jason! MinecraftUniverse. "Ehm.. Sorry.. I am so fucking sorry! I was in a hurry! And i-i-i.." i got trailed of by Jason. "It's not your fault. I talked into my phone becuase it spassed out" Jason said and blushed. Jason blushing was the most cweet thing (qweet= Sweet and cute). "Okay. I was on my way to get your autograph with my friend Sara" i said. "There you are Bella! You tun fast as hell when you are on adrenaline" i heard a spanish-british accent say. "You found Jasooon. Wait wut. You found Jason. But- but how? And why? And when?" Saraeh asked. " A hell of a long story. But. Can i get the autograph" i asked Jason. "Yeah sure. They would close PAX at midnight! Becuase so many loved it!" Jason answered and my face turned bright red. "Okay where do you guys sit?" I asked. "Machinima booth. Right over there. We sit with CaptainSparklez, Kermit, Sky, Seto, Ant, Chim, Cave and The british folks" Jason said. He walked over to them and Saraeh and I followed. "These girls are awesome! They need to be secretly Superstars" Jason said and our faces turned red of blushing. Jordan (CaptainSparklez) cleared his throat to indicate that we was right behind Jason. "Ehm.. I mean Youtubers" Jason said nervous. "Do not be nervous. We are just girls. Like. The only thing that is diffrent are that i am british and spanish. Only diffrent. But yeah we are youtubers" Saraeh said.




 "But yeah we are youtubers" i said and looked at Jolly ol' Brits and PodCrash and waved. "WAIT A BRITISH GIRL! HURRAH!" Mattie from Jolly Ol' brits yelled. "Yeah hell i am british. People do not get my britishness" i laughed the last part. "Why travel so long?" Jordan Maron said. "I mean why not? Long time since i saw Bella and i wanted to see my favorite Youtubers! And they are right in front of me! And in the inside i fangirl like a bitch would when she met Justin Bieber" i said and laughed. "Who are your most favorite Youtuber in this group?" Dakota (kermit) asked. I knew the answer. "Jordan Maron, CaptainSparklez" i said it out loud and my face turned bright red. "ME?!" Jordan yelled. "Yes you. I loved you since you made 'prosDONTtalkSHIT'" i said and my cheeks looked like a blood red tomato. "Aww. You look cute when you blush" Jordan said. "B-b-b-b-but i-i-i am j-j-j-just a girl that is shy as fuck with people she never have seen before. But have seen you all from pictures! So that's why i aren't that fucking shy" i said. "Just chill Sarah" Bella said calm to me. I was always socially awkward. "Let me just take a walk with her" Jordan Said. I screamed in side. "Wait.." i could not finish before Jordan had his arm over my shoulder. I blushed like fuck. "Sooo.. What's your name?" Jordan asked me and we began to walk. "Saraeh but call me Sarah. Saraeh Jazyimei Traysys Peterson Hejsla. Youtube: WirdCraftsMinecraft, WirdDoesVLOGGING and WIrdPlayzGamez. And the two s' in WirdPlayzGamez is replaced with z's" i said. "Sound interesting. You know me. But i am 21 years old. 5'9. And that's it. Oh and i live in Santa Babara. ^^" Jordan said and smiled like in Modded Survival. THAT CUTE SMILE! ZOMG! "Okay. I live in London the rich part, i am 20 years old and 5'7. I was born in Spain but my dad was English. So we moved to the poor part of London and i was a damn trickster, skater and troll. But then my dad became rich and we moved to the rich part. I am a dad's princess wich sucks becuase he has to know if i have a bf" i said. And i swear to god! MARK MY WORDS! HE KISSED MY CHEEK! ZOMG! SADgas All the fucking feels!. "We should go back and get signed some things" Jordan said and we ran back. "Lets sign some shit!" dakota said. They signed my arms and Jordan my fore head. They also signed my Diamond sword (Lapiz it's a joke from the fake youtube channel) "Why lapiz sword?" they asked. "On my channel i call Lapiz for diamond. Becuase i luuuv lapiz. More than diamonds. And i call Diamonds fake diamonds." i laughed.

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