Just Not Good Enough

Hey I'm Konor and I'm 18 I'm the type of person who loves to dance and sing and play around but i can be very serious at times I have 2 best friends Sadie and Natalie and I have a sister and a brother Katelynn is my sister she's 11 and my brother Kameron he's 24 I also have a boyfriend Mr.Harry Styles we first met when i went to a one direction concert it was the best day ever I'm so glad i met him without him i wouldn't be who i am today


5. I Miss Him

It's already been a whole week since I've seen Harry. Sadie and Natalie were trying to cheer me up but All i did was cry cry and cry "i miss him so much"i said "We know love"Natalie said "you'll see him in no time sweets"Sadie said. Someone was knocking at the door "i'll get it" it was Zayn and Perrie and also Louis and Eleanor. "Hey love how are you feeling"Louis asked "not good"i answered "it's gonna be ok"Perrie told me i just smiled and nodded. Zayn and Louis had to go to rehearsals so it was just me Sadie Natalie Perrie and Eleanor. "by the way i'm Eleanor" "and i'm Perrie. "i'm Konor that's Sadie and that's Natalie."hi" they both said. 

So what should we do tonight" Sadie asked "party" Eleanor suggested "sure" they all agreed "come on Konor you know how much you love to party" Nat said I smiled and agreed to go we all got dressed up we did our hair and make-up and then we left out.

We were out since 9 o'clock and its now 1am and i was pretty drunk so me and Perrie went out on the dance floor we were dancing till we couldn't dance anymore Sadie Natalie and Eleanor joined us. While we were dancing this boy gabbed me by my waist and started grinding on me i turned around and told him to let go of me he kept dancing on me i yelled at him and told him to get off of me no one could here because the music was on blast. "Hey she said get off of her" the guy who saved me punched him in his face and then he was with couple of his friends but we couldn't see because it was dark when we got outside i noticed that it was "Harry!" is it really you "yeah its me I told you i would be back so"he said the guys he was with were the rest of the guys of OneDirecton ''i'll take you and the girls home" he told me "ok" i said. He drove me Sadie and Natalie home Zayn and Perrie went home and so did Louis and Eleanor and Liam and Niall. 

we pulled up at my flat the girls got out and me and Harry followed Sadie and Natalie went straight to bed i went upstairs to my room Harry followed. "I'm so glad you came back" i told him " i am to" he said we started talking and then he gave me a kiss i kissed him back and things started to get a little heated. after that we both fell asleep. I was just so glad he's finally out the hospital and here with me. if it wasn't for him i probably would've been in a dark alley with that guy at the club. I love you Harry. I love you to Konor.

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