Theirs Something about You

Alicia is 16 year old girl. she loves to read. She is the quiet girl that sits at the back of the room. She has an older brother name Justin. Justin has a best friend named Jake. Jake is a school player. What will happen when Alicia and Jake fall in love?? Will they make it?? Or will they break-up because their status on school??


11. The notebook

Alicia's P.O.V.

Jake got my hand. i felt sparks fly all through it. i had butterflies in my tummy. he was taking me to his back yard. i had been heir a long time. my brother always hangs out at his home so i had always played with them when my parents were at work. Jake's dad had built a tree house. it was beautiful it had a big living room type of place with a big flat t.v. at a wall. with a big white sofa facing the t.v. the walls were a beautiful light orange. it almost looks like a peach color. theirs is a window in a side  to the tree house. it had carpet. it also included a small food bar. their was a door that had a room. some times we would sleep in side the tree house. it was pretty cool.

Jake opened the door and told me to sit in the sofa while he when and get something to show me. i sat quietly in the sofa. cheeking my phone to see if Justin will answer me back. i texted him in the car saying what was the thing Jake needed to show/tell me. all he responded is it is a surprise. theirs lots of surprises today. Jake came back with a box. he let the box in me lap. in the lid it had my name. i carefully opened it. theirs was 4 notebooks. 3 of them looked old wile the other one looked bran new. the old one had Alicia #1. i think i had a confused face on because Jake said  ''open it and read it'' so that is what i did..

August 1, 2006

                 Today Alicia was beautiful. she is always is. but today she was using a dress that reached her knees. the pink fit her beautifully. i cain't wait till i confess my feelings to her. the things she makes me do. i am head over heals for her. her brown eyes making he stars to stop shining. her brown hair perfectly placed on her shoulders. her beautiful lips formed in a smile.

                 today i also told Justin that i am in love with his sister. he did take it well. he is always over protective of her. he was smiling like a fool. the first things that came out of his mouth was ''I KNEW IT!!!! I KNEW YOU LIKED MY SIS. I MENT LOVE SORRY......JAJAJAJAJAJ YOU ARE WIPED. WAIT TILL I TELL HER!!!'' she came in right after he said that. i had to tackle him to the floor just to shush his big fat mouth up. that was sooooooooo emberising. Alicia asked me ''why are you red??''  the only answer i wame up with was ''i used my energy to tackle this fatt ass.'' i pointed to Justin under me.

                  i then pulled her in a hug and brought her to Justin's bed. i decided to cuddle with her. ''USE ALICIA'S BED FOR THAT!!!! YOU OWE MW A NEW BED!!! I KNOW I WILL LOVE MY NIECE AND NEFIEWS BUT I DOUN'T WANT TO SLEEP WHERE THEY WERE CREATED!!!!!'' Justin said horrified. '' thats not a bad idea.....yea what ever i will give you the money later me and Alicia have to start creating them so.....'' i replied back making Alicia laugh out loud. and jumping out of the bed. ''JAjajaja in your dreams!'' she said still laughing.

     their were good memories. well i will try to wright tomorow

Jake  Williams.

Back to Alicia's P.O.V.

their were more dates wrighten in all the rest of the notebooks.

'' so now you wind out what this idiot thinks about you'' Justin said behind us out of no where. he scared me so i jumped in Jake's lap. he took a pic of us. ''first pic!!! score'' Jake yell. he is really immature sometimes. '' so what do you say??? Alicia would you go out with me???'' Jake said. all i could do i to kiss him.




i know you are mad at me because i updated late but SORRY!!!!!! incase you enterd the contest and kik me i forgot my password for kik the one i would answer is at anaLucia100

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