The Paparazzi

Payton Styles, Yes harry's styles' younger sister. Her and harry were so close, but then Payton moves out because she hates her step dad. she moved out when she was 14. she is now 18. she doesn't think Harry remember's her, but she remembers him, harry is now famous, and Payton is stuck on her last year of high school. she still lives on her own. she is the paparazzi, yes she takes pictures of famous celebs and sells them for money, what happends when she has to get photos of one direction? will she try and see if harry remembers her? what is he does? what if he doesn't?


6. What did i just do?

Payton's POV

i woke up in a room i have never seen before, i started to panick. oh wait i'm at Harry's and his friends. i got up and put some clothes on and brushed my hair and teeth. i went downstairs. i pulled out my phone. i had 4 calls and 22 texts from Hanna. Hanna! i forgot. i looked at the texts, they were all under the lines of 'Were are you?' 'Call me!' and stuff like that. then i remembered. i just left my best friend, my job, and most importantly school!

"Harry!" i called.

"yes?" he asked as he walked into the living room.

"|i-i think i want to go back." i said.

"home sick? you get use to it." he said.

"no no, i left my best friend Hanna!" i said.

"bring her here with us!"

"what about my job?"

"i thought you hated it."

"and school-"

"you can apply here."
" harry, i'm not like you, things just come when you want them. i'm not famous, i can't just leave everything i had there, i don't know what i was thinking, i think i was just excited to see you again, harry, i want to go back." i said.

"but, Payton, we- we just got here- and- and i miss you." harry said.

"Harry please." i said.

"if that's what you want." he said.

"thanks. i'm going to miss you too, but i can't just leave everything. i need to call Hanna, Pleed for my job back, and find another appartment." i said.

"we can get you a flight tonight." harry said with a tear down his cheek.

"harry don't cry or else i'll cry." i said.

he wiped it away.

"we will miss you." Louis said from the kitchen. i walked in.

"louis." i said.

"I just called. you have a flight in 3 hours." he said.

"thanks louis." i said.

"no problem." he said.

"your-your leaving?" Liam said.

"Liam." i said.

i hugged him.

"i'll miss you." he said.

"i'll miss you too." i said.

"well if you want to make the flight we have to leave now." Louis said.

"i'll drive her." liam said.

"i'm coming!' harry said,

Liam, Harry, and I went to the airport. then i relised, i forgot my paintings.

"all riders on plane." the anouser said.

"i'll miss you Harry." i said.

"and liam." i said.

i hugged them both and boarded the plane.

i'm making things right. i hope.


*Chapter By: 1DKissYou*

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