The Paparazzi

Payton Styles, Yes harry's styles' younger sister. Her and harry were so close, but then Payton moves out because she hates her step dad. she moved out when she was 14. she is now 18. she doesn't think Harry remember's her, but she remembers him, harry is now famous, and Payton is stuck on her last year of high school. she still lives on her own. she is the paparazzi, yes she takes pictures of famous celebs and sells them for money, what happends when she has to get photos of one direction? will she try and see if harry remembers her? what is he does? what if he doesn't?


10. Call From Mark

Payton's POV (Chapter By: 1DKissYou)

Harry came and picked me up. i thanked him a million times. i was thinking about the fire. was Hanna alright? was Mark alright? only 100 people lived and are found. but that doesn't mean they arn't badly injured. my eyes started watering. me and Hanna have been friends forever. and Mark, he seemed sweet. you know, besides the fact he accidentaly hit me with a car. me and Harry got on the Plain to go to Harry's house.  on the plain as soon as we couold use electronics i pulled out my phone and called Hanna's cell number. someone picked up on the second ring, but it wasn't hanna.

"hello?" they said.

"Hi, is Hanna there?" i asked.

"is this Payton?" the woman's voice said shaking.

"yes..." i said.

"this is Hanna's mother. i'm afraid to say..... Hanna is dead. she went to the Paparazzi office to suprise you with dinner i made. but... she died in the fire.'' Her mom said crying.

my jaw droped. harry mouthed to me if i was okay. i started crying.

''no.. no... this.. this.. can't happen.'' i say.

''i'm sorrry Payton. i'm sure she will be happyer place.'' her mother said.

''i can't belive this.'' i said.

''i'm sorry sweetie, but i have to go.'' her mother said.

''goodbye.'' i said more tears coming down my face. then she hung up the phone. i out my phone on my lap. Harry put his arm around me.

"what happend?" Harry asked me.

"hanna, my best friend, died in the fire, coming to see ME at work.'' i said.

harry kissed my forehead. then i had a call coming threw. i picked it up.

"hello?" i said wiping away a tear.

''oh good, Payton your okay.'' i heard Mark said.

''Mark!" i said.

as soon as i said mark Harry's face droped.

''are you okay?" i asked.

''yes. i'm fine. i was visiting my father. he lives in L.A. i'm here right now.'' he said.

''no way, My big brother lives in L.A and i'm going there to live with him!" i said.

"no way!" Mark said.

''well i gotta go, the plain is going to land soon.'' i said.

''wait- do you want to um, maybe get a bite to etat later when you get here?" he asked.

''i would love to.'' i said.

''meet me at 'The Diner.' " mark said.

''okay.'' i said.

''6pm.'' mark said.

''alright, well i gotta go bye!" i said.

i hung up the phone.

''who was that?" Harry said.

''Mark.'' i said.

''who is he?" he asked me.

''a friend.'' i said.

''a friend?" he asked.

''just a friend. well unless he asks me out.'' i said.

harry clunched his fists.

''harry calm down.'' i said.

''Everyone buckle your seatbelts we are about to land.'' the speaker said.

me and harry buckled our seatbelts. the plain landed. we got off the plain and took a taxi to Harry's House. as soon as we got there Louis hugged me.

"PAYTON!" he yelled.

''LOUIS!" i yelled back.

''can i have my old room" i asked.

''yup!" harry said.

''and as a little suprise, me and Liam went out and bought you some clothes.'' Niall said.

''thanks.'' i said hugging Liam and Niall.

''it was Liam's idea.'' Niall said.

i looked at Liam and smiled. he smiled back and rubbed the back of his neck. i put all my stuff in my room. all my artwork i left there from last time was gone.

''guys! were's my artwork from last time?" i asked.

''you had 6 right? one is in each of our rooms. and one is in the living room.'' Harry said.

i looked in all their rooms. in Niall's room was my Irish flag peice. in Harry's room was my drawing of the big tree with the tire swing on it that me and him use to always go to. in Zayn's room was my drawing of hearts coliding. in Louis room was my picture of a cat, and in Liam's room was self portrate of myself. in the living room was a picture of a barn.

''we each picked which one we wanted.'' Louis said.

''i like the one you picked Liam.'' i said with a smile. Liam just blushed.

it looked at the time. it was 5:30.


''for what?" Niall asked.

''i'm hanging out with Mark.'' i said.

liam looked down at his feet.

"how did you guys meet?" Liam asked.

"um, funny story, he kind of, um, hit, me with um, a car....'' i said closing my eyes.

''oh that's alright- WAIT HE HIT YOU WITH A CAR! YOU NEVER TOLD ME THAT!" harry said.

''byut it was an accident and i never broke and bones, i just busided them. and look their almost gone.'' i said showing them my hip.

''why would you hangout with him again?" niall said.

''because he said he was sorry and it was an accident and he's really nice. now i'm going to get ready.'' i said walking into my room.

i walked into my room and closed the door behind me. i changed into a pink sundress. and i put on my brown heels. i put my curly hair into a pony tail. i put on makara and that's it. i walked out and looked at the time.

''can one of you please drive me to 'The Diner.' i said.

''i will.'' Zayn said.

zayn drove me. as soon as i got out of the car i thanked him. then i went inside. Mark was sitting in a booth. i went and sat across from him.

''Hey.'' is aid.

''hey.'' he said lookign at me with his beautiful blue eyes.

a waitress came to our table.

''Hey there cutie, what will you have?" she asked looking at Mark.

''i'll have.... a hamburger.'' he said.

"alright.'' she said smiling at him.

the she turned to me. she frowned.

''and what do you want" she asked.

"same here.'' i said.

''alright.'' she said leaving.

then all the boys came in. they had their hoods up and glasses on. but i knew it was them. theuy sat at the booth across from ours.

''really guys?" i said looking at them.

"exuse me?" Niall said trying to hide his accent.

''guys i know it's you.'' i said.

''may i ask, who are they?" he asked me.

''it's my brother and his friends.'' i said rolling my eyes.

the waitress came to our table and got us our hamburgers.

"thanks.'' me and Mark said at the same time.

''i give up.'' niall said taking off his sunglasses and hoodie.

''Niall!" they  all said.

then they all gave up and put down their hoodies and sunglasses.

''wow, you brother is in one direction?" he asked.

''yes. my brother is Harry.'' i said.

'' you guys have cool music.'' Mark said.

''I LIKE THIS GUY!" louis said.

harry gave him a stern look.

'' i meabn, i don't like this guy.'' Louis said.

i laughed.

me and Mark ate our hamburgers.l onece we were done Mark payed for btoh of us. i would have argued but i didn't bring my purse.

''come on, i'll drive you home.'' Mark said.

''no she's not driving with you, you might hit someone.'' Harry said.

i rolled my eyes.

''i didn't mean to-"

"shut it.'' harry said.

''harry!" i said.

''i'll see you later.'' Mark said kissing me on the cheek and leaving.

''see what you have done?" i said.

they boys drived me home. i didn't say a work to them. as son as we got there i sat on the couch.

''come on Payton don't be mad at us.'' naill said.

i didn't flinch. i just made a straight face.

''Paytooooon!" zayn said

i still had a staright face. then louis came up to me and said.


I held back a smile.

''ahh, she almost smiled!" louis said.

"stop making me laugh! i'm trying to be mad at you!" i said.

''PAYYYYYTOOOON!" Louis said.

i just laughed.

''i hate how i can't stay mad at you guys.'' i said smiling.

Liam sat there quitely.

''Liam are you okay?" i asked.

''I'm fine.'' he said while leaving and going into his room.

"what's wrong with him?" i asked.

''i'm not good at keeping secrets!" niall said walking into his own room.

"harry do you knwo what's wrong with Liam?" i asked.

"i don't know, i swear.'' Harry said.

i wonderwhy he just left like that. right after i came back from hanging out with mark..

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