Don't be Afraid to Fall in Love

Ever wonder what it would be like to gain a member of One Directions's trust then make them fall for you and then crushing their hearts into a million pieces? Well, thats what we have to do.......... but don't think that we're the bad guys!!!!!
They deserve it!

Sorry, if the blurb is not good..... I promise the story is going to be much better :)


38. Snogging



It has been six weeks since me and Louis have gotten together. I feel really guilty. It's mainly about the whole Amelia thing. I know, it's over but if Louis finds out, he won't want to be with me. I really like Louis. We are getting closer each day. I try not to get too close though. Once he finds out the truth, he will be hurt so much and will even break up with me. I'm sure of it.

If I want to make this relationship work, then I need to tell him the truth. Just then, my phone started to ring. I looked at the Caller ID. It was Claire. I really wanted to meet her and talk to her because we hadn't done that in ages. But I just couldn't bring myself up to do it. I just want to be alone right now. The guilt was eating me alive.

I heard the door open behind me. It was Louis. Just who I wanted to see. Not.

"Hey beautiful" He said hugging me from behind.

"Listen, Lou.... I need to go" I said quickly. I need to distance myself from him. It's only going to be easier for him when he finds out.

"Yeah, yeah. okay then. Just come back soon?" He said sadly.

"I will" I said,  pecking his lips.

I went out of the house. What should I do now. I might go to Claire's and Niall's. I plugged my earphones into my phone and put them into my ears. None of my songs on my phone seemed to match the mood that I was currently in. So I just ended up skipping most of the songs while walking to Claire's house.

I saw the door open. Seriously. It's like they're inviting thieves to come in. I went inside and closed the door. I looked inside the living room. I saw Claire and Eve talking.

"Hey, Eve!" I said, forcing a smile to cover up my depressed expression.

"Hey, Jess!" She replied.

Claire got up to go and finish her cooking while me and Eve were catching up. She's a really nice person. Apparently her and Liam are dating.

"You guys are  too cute together" I told her

"Thanks" she said blushing and looking down.

"You really like him?" i asked

"Yeah, I'm not sure. i might even be in love with him" She said. Her face lights up whenever she says Liam's name. How romantic is that!

"Have you told each other that?" I asked.

"No. I don't want to feel pushy towards him. If I say that I love him, it will kind of pressurize him to say it as well. Know what I mean? I'm going to wait for him to say it first. Even though it will take a long time." She said sadly.

"how about I go talk to him and get him to tell me how he feels about you?" I suggested. I mean, I might as well make one couple happy despite my one.

"You'll do that?" She said her eyes widening.

'yeah, sure. anything for my best friend" I said getting up. I was going into the kitchen to talk to Liam when I saw something that I'll never forget. Niall and Liam were kissing. As in snogging. They're hands were wandering each other.

I realized that Claire was right next to me. Mouth wide open.

"What....." I managed to say. They both pulled away. Awkward........

"What's going on?!" Claire said, now really annoyed.

"I-I-I was trying to comfort Liam when he pulled me in and started to kiss me. I tried to push him off but-" Niall began.

"Comforting?" i interrupted

"Yeah, can I talk to you, jessica?" He said, scratchiing the back of his neck.

"Yeah sure, let's go upstairs" I said. He dragged me all the way up.

"Liam, is this about Eve?" I asked.

"Yeah, kinda" He mumbled.

"I wanted to talk to you about her as well." I said.

"I love her but I don't think she feels the same to me. Is it too soon" Liam blurted out.

I smirked and raised an eyebrow. Let the matchmaking begin!


I know, it's been forever since we last updated :( Sorry x100



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