Live, Laugh, Love, Spy

Eleanor and her gang (Sundance, Darcy, Rae, Georgia, and Via) have been professional spies since before they could remember. Follow them through their daring, humorous, love, and friendship, packed adventure, they call life. To falling in love with Rivalry spies and keeping the term 'Sisters before Misters' in mind. Enjoy!!
P.S in this story being a band is One Directions cover.


10. Chapter 10 'Rae' "The trick up his sleeve"

We all jumped up at the same time. "Alright!" Eleanor said. "Buttons!" We all pushed our buttons to form our spy uniforms. "It's go time!" I said. "Split up!" We ran out of the room and I saw the girls smile. We al loved our job. I ran down the corridor, nervously tugging at my brown hair. I held my gun nervously. I saw something in the dark, a blonde quiff. That could only mean one thing. Captive Niall Horan had gotten out of the Lasers, unscathed. How? I thought. That laser maze is impossible. I quickly pointed my gun, but someone grabbed me from behind. "Going somewhere Rae?" A boys voice said. "Ha!" I said. "I think it's you who's going somewhere." I quickly tazered him, and he fell to the floor. "Your going somewhere all right!" I said. "Back to your prison cell." I began walking with him floating behind. I felt something wiz by my ear. I looked down on the ground to see what it was, and it was just what I thought. Fire. I smirked. Who ever threw this, wasn't too smart. I looked to see where the aim was and saw it came from the balcony. Sure enough, there was Niall Horan. 

I flipped onto a ledge, and began making my way up. Niall looked nervous and I almost felt bad for him. But I knew better. He had a trick up his sleeve. "Don't try to fight it love," I heardfrom behind me. "We have you surrounded." I turned around. But I did not expect to see what I saw....


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