Behind Us Guys

Hey girls, you know how you always say we, guys, are from another planet well I thought I'd be able and tell you some stuff about us.

If there is something you want to know comment and I'll try and write a chapter about it, but bare in mind it will be from my view not every guys view in the world. So don't come crying to be telling me it's not true because it didn't work for you.


2. Biggest Turn's On

Whether you want to know this to turn your boyfriend on, or if don't want to turn guys on here they are:

Lip Biting.

Sexy and Tight clothing. (The main thing with this is don't wear anything to tight I for one as a guy like to use my imagination about what you look like naked rather than know it all from one look.)

Kissing my neck. Or me kissing yours. (This does not have to result in a hickey, if you do not want one your other half should understand and not push matters. However us guys usually like to mark our girls and not  the other way around, but it depends on who's dom in the relationship.)

Opening your legs. (Especially if it gives us a chance to see your underwear.)

Or hell when you rub your knickers. (That's a killer, or at least it is for me.)

Letting me grab your ass or tits. (Even more so when kissing or biting her lip)

Talking dirty. Or making something dirty. (E.g. Your on a date and you get bangers and mash. Then you nibble and/or suck on the sausage before actually eating it.)

Pressing me up against a wall or trusting me enough to have your legs wrapped around my waist while I have your back pressed against a wall. (You need trust for that, but just remember don't be too rough.)

Grabbing my ass. (Be careful with this one. It's one of the one's that can go either way.)

Hand guiding. (Something as simple as placing his hand on your thigh, not only does it let him know you comfortable with that, but it turns us on.)

Just plain teasing. 

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