His Damsel in Distress - A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic.

"Overprotective parents raise the best liars." They sure do, 'cause Cassandra Beddington is the most badass and rebellious girl you'll ever meet. Around her parents, she's as innocent as can be; she's the most obedient daughter who rarely skips school and gets straight A's in all of her tests. Even though she isn't allowed to do most things that other parents would let their 16-year-old daughters do, she'll definitely find a way to do them anyway. But what will happen when she comes across a charming boy who uncovers her deepest, darkest secrets and desires? Will he save his damsel in distress?

**The boys are not famous in this story!**

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2. Chapter 1.

*Cassy's P.O.V.*

I'd been hanging with Louis a lot during the past few weeks. We've gotten to know so much about each other, and there's comfortable a level of trust between us. We've become so close in such a short time, and usually that would scare me, but for some reason, this time, it didn't.

I was heading over to his place right now, we were gonna watch a movie. I was sort of excited, because I feel really comfortable around him, and I haven't felt this way in a long time.

I was just about to ring the doorbell when the door opened and two big strong arms wrapped themselves around my petite body. It was definitely him. I'd recognize those big strong arms anywhere.

"Louis, I can't breathe!" I gasped. "Sorry, love." he smiled, letting go of me as I took in his appearance. Messy hair, unshaved face, wearing a t-shirt and a pair of shorts, and he still managed to look breath-taking.

"Hey," I said, looking into his deep blue eyes. "Hey," he said, pulling me into his apartment.

"Nice place you got here." I said, walking into his hall. "Sorry I didn't clean up, I'm lazy." he said, sitting down on the couch. "It's okay, I'm lazy too." I said, winking and sitting down next to him. "What do you want to watch?" he asked, playing with the remote control. "Let's watch Titanic." I said with a straight face. "Are you serious right now?" he asked wide-eyed in disbelief. "No, silly! Let's watch Man Of Steel." I said, smacking the back of his before he stood up, shaking his head.

As he was setting up everything required to play the movie, I wandered into his kitchen, looking around for some microwave popcorn.

"Hey, Louis!" I called. "Yeah, babe?" he questioned. "Do you have any microwave popcorn or something?" I asked, going through his cabinets.

"I already made some, because I'm nice." he said, walking into the kitchen and retrieving a big bowl of popcorn from the microwave oven. "Thank you, Mr. Nice." I said, walking towards him and eating some popcorn.

We sat back down on the couch and he played the movie. I absolutely loved this movie, and I'd watched it so many times before, but I'd never get sick of it, because it is simply amazing and Henry Cavill is fucking hot.

About 10 minutes into the movie, Louis started munching popcorn very loudly. I immediately got annoyed and turned around to glare at him.

"SHHH!" I snapped and turned back around, hoping I didn't miss anything, even though I knew exactly what had happened. I smiled to myself as he had instantly piped down. I loved having control over him.

*Louis' P.O.V.*

I'd watched this movie before, and I'm pretty sure she had too, a million times since she loved it. But I was mostly looking at her. She looked beautiful, and I couldn't take my eyes off of her, it was almost impossible.

She was so adorable, barely eating any popcorn, reciting every line of the movie and swooning over Henry Cavill every time she saw him.

I'll admit, I was kinda jealous of how much she loved him. Maybe I should dress up as Superman for her, like I used to for my sisters when they were younger. Wait! What am I thinking? Do I like Cassy? I mean, that's the whole reason I approached her at that club.

But the real question was, does she like me back? Well, she did talk to me at the club that day. Maybe she does, there's only one way to find out; I need to confront her. But I was way too shy to just go up to her and ask her if she liked me, and if she did, confess my feelings for her. Maybe one day I'd find the courage to do that, but not right now.

Surprisingly, once the movie was over, the popcorn was too. I'd half expected only half the bowl to be finished.

I looked at her, she looked starstruck, like she'd just had the best night of her life. I'm hoping I could make her feel the same way someday. She was beautiful, in every way, I just wanted to give her the love that she deserved.

"Henry Cavill is so hot." she mumbled, day-dreaming about him, probably. If only it was me she was day-dreaming about. "Want me to dress up like Superman for you?" I asked, inching a little closer to her. She immediately snapped out of her thoughts to look at me. Bingo.

"That would be hot." she said, biting her bottom lip. God, she looks so attractive when she does that! 

 I quickly ran to my bedroom, closing the door behind me and searched through my closets for my blue superman t-shirt, a plain shirt and some black pants. I put them on and left my messy hair as it is. But before I left my room, I put on the main part of my outfit, that I'm hoping will make her swoon; my oversized black "nerd" glasses.

Satisfied with my appearance, I opened my bedroom door, and ran out into the hall, to find her sitting on the same spot on the couch, twirling a strand of her luscious brown hair around her fingers.

"Superman is here!" I yelled, ripping off my shirt buttons with both my hands. "Oh, help me, Superman!" she dramatically said, pretending to be in trouble. "SUPERMAAAAAANNNNNN!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, jumping onto the couch, on top of her. "Superman, I'm in need of a hug to make me feel all better." she said, innocently. "Of course, fair lady. Do not fear, Superman is here!" I said, wrapping my arms around and holding her tight.

She put her arms around me and held me tightly, and leaned her head against my chest. This honestly felt amazing, I wish I could just kiss her.

We were having a perfect moment, until my doorbell rang. Great! Who could it be, ruining this amazing and perfect hug?

"Be right back." I whispered, looking into her eyes. I walked towards the front door and opened it to find Harry, Liam, Niall and Zayn right in front of me.

"Hey guys! What a surprise, didn't know y'all would be coming." I exclaimed in surprise. "Thought we'd pay you a visit and y'know, hangout." Harry smirked. "Oh, hi guys!" Cassy said from beside me. "Hey Cass!" all the boys said together. "What are you doing here?" Niall asked, wiggling his eyebrows. "We were just watching a movie, mate." I giggled, hoping they'd drop it. "Oh, is that right?" Zayn grinned and sent a wink my way. "Well, come on in boys, don't just stand there!" I said, pulling Cassy out of the way and stepping aside with her.

We all sat down in my living room, talking and laughing. Time literally flew by, and before we knew it, it was starting to get dark outside.

"Um, I should get going before my parents get worried and call Julie and Mikky. Bye guys!" Cassy said, rising from her seat. A chorus of bye's from the boys was heard as the all waved goodbye to her.

I walked to her to my front door and hugged her after I opened it. She kissed my cheek softly and smiled as I whispered, "Text me when you get to Julie's place." "I will. Bye, Lou." she whispered back, and started to walk away.

*Cassy's P.O.V.*

As I walked away, I thought about Louis' behaviour tonight. He seemed different, like he was into me. What if he was? More thoughts swirled around my head before I reached Julie's place. I sent a text to Louis as I rang her doorbell.

To *Louis* : Hey, just reached Julie's place! :) xx

From *Louis* : Alright, babe. Have fun! :)

I smiled to myself before the front door opened and I was met by Julie and Mikky's overly-excited faces.

"Tell us everything!" Mikky exclaimed as Julie furiously nodded her head in agreement. "Geez, guys. It wasn't a date or anything." I chuckled. "But still! He really likes you." Julie giggled. "Gosh, I'm trying to block out scenarios of how you guys will be acting if I ever do go on a date with him." I said, walking away from them. "So that means you want to go on a date with him! Oh my God." Mikky and Julie squealed. "I said 'if', guys! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to text my mum that I'm going home after dinner." I said as pulled my phone out and began to type a text to my mum.

To *Mum* : Hey, mum! I'll be home after dinner at Julie's, I hope that's okay.

I received a reply almost instantly, and that kinda scared me.

From *Mum* : Alright, hun. Don't be home too late!

I put my phone back into my pocket and walked into Julie's kitchen. Her mum was cooking something as Julie and Mikky were at the dinner table, eating some salad.

"Hey, your mum's cool with you having dinner here?" Julie asked. "Yeah, she just told me not to be home too late." I replied. "Alright, sit down and spill the details!" Mikky exclaimed.

I sat down and explained the events of the afternoon to them, their smiles got bigger and bigger by the minute. I swear, they were grinning from ear to ear. I was afraid their faces would fall off if they smiled any wider.

"He really likes you. No doubt." Julie said, once I was done talking. "She's right." Mikky nodded. "Well, he hasn't told me anything, yet-" "Yet?! Oh my God, are you expecting something?" Mikky asked, wide-eyed, cutting me off before I could finsh my sentence. "Well, she obviously is, Mikky. But the question is, what are you going to do about this, Cass?" Julie asked before I could reply to Mikky. "Um, I really don't know. I mean, he's really nice, and I'm sure he'd be a great boyfrie-" "Oh my God, she likes him!" Mikky screeched, cutting me off - again. "Oh girl, you are hooked!" Julie teased. "You guys, stop it." I said, looking down at my plate of salad. "She's blushing!" they both said in unison. I simply covered my face with my hands. Oh boy.

Soon Mrs. Lewis - Julie's mum - served us dinner, which was a plate of slightly spicy spaghetti with meatballs and perfectly cooked tacos. We ate and talked for what seemed like hours, and after having frozen yoghurt for dessert, I decided to head home.

"The food was lovely, Mrs. Lewis. I should get going now, bye!" I said, before waving goodbye and leaving Julie's house.

I smiled to myself, thinking about all that had happened this afternoon. What if the girls were right? Maybe he does really like me. The way he acts around me is different, now that I think about it. I never noticed it before, but now that the girls have pointed it out to me, I think they're right.

I got home and was engulfed in a hug from my mum. She always did that when I got home from anywhere, even school.

"Did you have fun, honey?" she asked, pulling away. "Yeah, I did." I replied, smiling at her. "That's good, now why don't you go get changed into something more comfy, let's watch a movie before going to bed." she smiled and walked into the living room.

Now that was really weird. Movie nights have become extinct these days. I wonder if they want to talk to me. What if I'm in trouble? I shook my head and went upstairs to change.

As I changed into my spongebob pj's, my phone vibrated on my bedside table. I checked it to see that I'd received a text from Louis.

From *Louis* : I'm guessing you're home by now?x

To *Louis* : How'd you know? Are you talking me, Mr. Tommo?

From *Louis* : Maybe. ;) Anyway, goodnight (even though I know that you aren't going to sleep anytime soon, aha. but you know whom to text if you can't sleep) sleep tight, love.x

I smiled as I read the text, he was such a dork. A cute dork.

To *Louis* : Should I be creeped out? You know me so well, ha. Don't blame me for keeping you up till 2am!

From *Louis* : Nah, I'm not the creepy kind, more like the cheesy kind. I won't.<3

To *Louis* : Good, and good. Goodnight<3 (even though I'll be bugging you later)

I put my phone on silent mode before washing my face and walking downstairs with the biggest smile on my face.


**(A/N): I know that I haven't updated this in forever, and I'm sorry! Just hadn't gotten enough inspiration, but I have now, so I will try updating this as much as possible alongside 'Just An Option' and 'Where Do We Go From Here?'. If you haven't checked those out already, please do, I'd really appreciate it if you did, and please like and favorite! Thanks, guys.xx**

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