Just An Option - A Harry Styles Fanfic.

Being bestfriends with Harry Styles may seem like a dream come true for most girls, but for Annabelle Hastings, it might be like living a nightmare.

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4. Chapter 3.

*Anna's P.O.V.*

The sunlight entered my room through the little space between the curtains that cover my window. I looked at the time to realize that I'd woken up earlier than my alarm. That means a weird dream definitely woke up me up. After racking my brain for some answers, I finally remembered something.

~Flashback from the dream~

I was on my way to school on foot when I heard a familiar voice, "Hey Anna! Wait up!" I froze and turned around only to be met by a pair of green orbs. Gasping for air, Harry managed to say, "Thanks." "No problemo." I replied smiling at him. "Problemo?" He chuckled. "Yes, you got a problemo, Harold?" I raised my eyebrows questioningly. "Stop saying problemo, you goof." he said and hit my arm playfully. "Nope, it's your problemo, you deal with it, mister." I said and stuck out my tongue. He looked at me and giggled. "You're so cute." he said looking me in the eyes. "You're not too bad yourself." I said staring right back into his bright green eyes.

~End of flashback~

Ugh, I woke up right after that! Gosh, his laugh was so adorable, and his eyes were just so alluring, just like in person. Sometimes I wonder if he's human, because the way he walks, the way he talks and he way he looks could give any sane person the idea that he's from another world. And when I'm with him, he takes me to another world. He's like a drug that I can't have enough of. Even if I got a little, I always wanted more. He made me greedy and vulnerable. Even though that dream didn't make a lot of sense, and I can't remember the rest, just the way he looked, took my breath away.

The weird thing is, whenever I'm with him, I'm not nervous or anything, sure, I'm insecure about how I look and all that, but I can be myself when I'm with him, and the way they describe it in all those love stories, they make it seem like you're always afraid of messing up in front of the person you secretly love. Maybe I'm not really in love with Harry, because honestly, I've never been in love before. For all I know, love could hurt like being hit with a rock. In the face. Or it could be the best feeling in the world, like dancing around in a field of golden buttercups on a beautiful day. Or maybe, just maybe, I'm actually in love with Harry, and I'm just in denial, and all the authors of famous love stories have got it all wrong. But who am I to say that, I've never been in love now, have I?

I finally got off my bed and trotted down the stairs and decided to go get some breakfast form McD's. I left a note on the counter saying that I'm out to get breakfast.

Grabbing my coat and some money, I left the house thinking about my dream. I think way too much about Harry. Maybe I need to talk to other boys to get my mind off of him. I wouldn't mind getting to know Harry's bandmates, but we wouldn't be able to meet up that often. As for the guys at my school, sadly, they only care about popular and pretty girls. Sigh, I guess I just need new hobbies. I suppose I should lose some weight by going to the gym everyday, listen to new music, start painting again, and maybe even start going for tennis coaching at school again.

After getting some McMuffins and pancakes, I headed back to my house thinking about Harry must be doing in Bradford right now. Man, I hate how Imy thought always wander back to him! I really need to get a life.

*Georgie's P.O.V.*

I woke up with Harry on my mind. I smiled at the thought of him. If only I could read his mind and find out whether he was thinking of me too. I felt my phone beep and my heart started racing as it was a text from Harry.

From *Harreh:D* : Hey love. Zayn was telling us about how he's planning to ask a girl that he's liked for months, out on a date when he starts school. You crossed my mind, I miss you like crazy.x

Does this mean he's gonna ask me out soon? Okay, maybe I'm just overthinking this, I don't know for sure, and I don't wanna get too excited.

To *Harreh:D* : Hey babe. Glad to know that you were thinking of me too. ;) I miss you more, prettyboy. X

From *Harreh:D* : Too bad I can't talk to you on the phone today, the boys won't even let me text you right now. :(

To *Harreh:D* : It's okay, hun. Call me tomorrow, go have fun with them. Love you<3

From *Harreh:D* : Okay :( I looveeeee yoooouuuuu<3

To *Harreh:D* : I love you too. :3

From *Harreh:D* : You better. ;) Oops, gotta go before the boys steal my phone away. They said they'd take it if they heard another beep. Sorry baby, bye<3

I sighed, thinking about how charming this boy was. I layed in my bed, thinking about his beautiful features; his green marble-like eyes, soft curly hair, plump pink lips, big strong arms that I'd love to have around me, and the warmth you feel when he hugs you. Everything about him makes me fall harder for him. Let's just hope he's there to catch me.

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