Just An Option - A Harry Styles Fanfic.

Being bestfriends with Harry Styles may seem like a dream come true for most girls, but for Annabelle Hastings, it might be like living a nightmare.

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24. Chapter 23.

*Anna's P.O.V.*

Now that the weekend was over, I had to brace myself for another horrendous week of school. The worst part is, I'd have to face him.

I wasn't ready to face him, not now. I reckon I'll never be ready. I might do something stupid, like forgive him. Like I always do.

But what if he figures it all out? My behaviour, it's gonna give it away. He'll know, and he'll never forgive me. Neither will Georgie. I'll hurt them, one way or another. But lying to them and pretending to be happy would hurt me. Hurting myself is always better.

I turned in my bed to look at the clock on one of my bedroom walls. I'm up 20 minutes later than my usual routine. Perfect.

Lazily going about my morning routine, I scrambled out of my house with 10 minutes left for first period to begin. My plan was working. I internally smirked at myself as I casually walked to school, like I owned the place and being late wouldn't be a problem at all.

Upon reaching the two big doors that led to the hallways containing numerous lockers, I looked at my wrist watch and saw that there were 3 minutes remaining for first period. I internally groaned. English class was very close to my locker, I'd have to face everyone.

I slowly shuffled my feet towards my locker and opened it, hoping nobody saw me, not even Winnie. I hated worrying her like this, but it was best that I made no human contact at all. At least for now.

As I searched my locker for the appropriate books, I heard the low, raspy voice that I despised and loved at the same time. Shivers ran down my spine, and tears formed in my eyes at the same time. Curses.

"Hi, Anna." he spoke, as I turned to the sound of his voice, hoping I wouldn't look at his beautiful face and let out a sniffle. I took in all of his lovely features. Sparkling green eyes, brown curly hair, pink and plump, kissable lips. Do not sniffle. Do not sniffle. Do not sniffle. Do not sniffle, you bitch! I kept repeating those words in my head, taking in a deep breath.

"Hi." I said, after a while. Wow, that took a really long while. "Look, we need to talk-" he started, before the bell rang, cutting him off. "I've got to go." was all I said as I gathered my books quickly and slammed my locker door before running off to class.

That was close. Way too close. I swear I could've started crying then and there and let everything out. That would've been so bad.

"Hey," Kim - an acquintance - whispered from beside me as I took my seat. "I heard about Harry and Georgie last night! They're just so gorgeous together, I totally ship them." she whispered, her voice getting all squeaky. I discreetly rolled my eyes. "Great." I replied. "They're a perfect couple! It would be even more perfect if Winnie started dating Niall, they're adorable together. Gosh, they could go on double dates and stuff like that. Those four would be together forever, they'd be the best couples in this entire school!" she exclaimed.

An uneasy feeling swept over me as I heard her say those words. She was right. Harry and Georgie belong with each other, and soon enough Winnie and Niall would start dating. They'd be doing all kinds of stuff together. I'd be kicked out of the picture without even trying. I didn't belong with them.

I quickly ran out of the classroom and into the girls' washroom. Running into the nearest stall and locking the door behind me, I pulled my hair back and let it all out.

Hot tears ran down my face as I felt helpless. I'd never felt so alone in my life before. I guess life was putting me back in my place. Somewhere I belong.

Kim's words kept replaying in my head. I cried harder and at the same time faught my tears as I realized that there was nothing I could do to change the inevitable. No matter what I do, it would all blow up in my face. Maybe it'd be best to simply stay out of their lives and save them the trouble.

I leaned back and wiped my tears away, remembering my oath to not cry and let my feelings loose. It was imperitive that I didn't deal with them at this time.

Just then, I heard a knock on the door of the bathroom stall that I was in. "Mrs. Mumford's waiting outside the girls' washroom, she wants to know what's wrong." I heard Kim's voice, slightly less annoying and more concerned, compared to before.

Soon, I heard footsteps leaving the washroom. Seeing as there was nobody else here, except for me, I unlocked the door and stepped out, looking at my horrid face in the mirror.

I washed my face and re-applied my light makeup the same as before, hoping to make it look as though nothing had happened.

I stepped out of the girls' washroom after popping a breath mint in my mouth, and saw Mrs. Mumford - my English teacher - waiting for me with a rather worried look on her face. Her features looked slightly relieved as she saw me. Thank God, I probably look almost the same as before, then.

"Miss Hastings, I'm deeply concerned about you. I've noticed that you've re-done your makeup, but that's not enough to fool me, I know that something is wrong." she spoke, her voice gentle and caring. She was one of my favorite teachers, and she always understood if there was something wrong. She was the sweetest person I knew, she'd never force someone to sit in her class if they were feeling low or unwell.

"I'm just not feeling very well. It's been a rough weekend and I don't feel ready to make it through this day. Please, can I go home?" I croaked, praying that I wouldn't start crying in front of her. "Alright, I'll let the principle know. Do you want me to call someone for you?" her question made me shudder, as a thought of her calling my parents over here crossed my mind. "No, thank you. I'll take the bus home if I'm unable to walk." I smiled weakly. "Anna, just remember that you may not want to talk about it now, but one day, when you're ready, find the right person to talk to." she gave me a heart-warming smile before walking back into her class.

The woman read me like a book and that comforted me and scared me at the same time. It's nice to know that someone understands me and cares about me. But it's scary, knowing that she probably knows everything that goes on inside my head.

As I turned around to walk away, I saw Georgie walking towards the girls' washroom.

"Fuck," I cursed under my breath as I rubbed my nose with the back of my index finger, the rest of my hand covering my mouth.

"Hi, Anna." she said as she walked towards me. Her voice was low, and it sounded like she was, scared?

"Hi, Georgie." I simply said, not knowing what else to say. "Look, you deserve an explanation and an apology, please, hear me out." she began to plead. "Why don't you talk to me after school? I'm sure you should get back to class soon." I wanted to say 'Get back to Harry' so bad, but I knew that I'd end up feeling guilty as Hell, and I didn't want to make my bestfriend feel worse.

"But your phone isn't working." she replied. I gulped as I thought about how I'd thrown my phone across the room when she was calling me the other morning.

"Facebook, then." I said. "You don't use Facebook that often." she retaliated. "Twitt-" "You don't use that that often either. Don't try tumblr, it's the same story, I know." she cut me off.

I sighed. "Tomorrow at lunch." I said, even though I'm pretty sure I was gonna skip. "Why not today?" she asked, her eyebrows furrowing in confusion. "I have some assignments to catch up on." I lied. Shit! Why did I do that? Kim's obviously gonna tell them. I'm so stupid.

"Okay, see you later." she said before walking into the washroom, leaving me alone with my thoughts.

For some reason, while walking back home, I kept thinking about how she never bothered to ask if something was wrong. Maybe she didn't care? Or she just didn't want to deal with me? Thoughts kept swirling around in my head and as I reached my driveway, I jumped up two feet in the air as I saw Zayn on my front porch.

"Hey there." he chuckled. "Hi, Zayn." I smiled dryly. "Aren't you supposed to be at school?" he asked. "So are you, what are you doing here?" I asked curiously. "How about this, you answer my question, and I'll answer yours." he said. "I'm not feeling well." I simply said. "School's delayed, starts next week." he smiled. "Well, come inside." I said, unlocking my door and stepping inside.

"So, what brings you here?" I asked as we both sat down on a couch. "I wanted to see if you were okay. We're worried about you." he replied. "I'm fine, Zayn. Thanks for asking." I smiled. "How are you guys?" I wondered out loud. "Louis' better now, he's gonna talk it out with Harry soon. Niall and Winnie are really happy and worried about everyone. Harry and Georgie are worried and scared. Liam's missing you, and I'm missing Perrie." he replied, looking a bit sad as he said that he missed Perrie. "Wow," I said. "You should go see Liam. I'm sure he'd be happy to see you." he suggested. "I'm just not ready right now. Maybe soon, I will be." I said. "Alright, as you wish." he said.

We talked for hours about random things, and for the first time in days, I felt a little happy. Zayn was like a breath of fresh air. He was the most sweet and understanding person ever.

"You know, I remember what happened at the beach 4 weeks ago. Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about." he said. "I knew you were watching us." I said sheepishly with a slight grin on my face. "I was, really. I was watching all of you, you guys looked like you were having fun, it made me feel nice." he smiled. "But I think that Liam really likes you. He's had a tough time after his breakup with Danielle, and it's safe to say that you're not his rebound, but I'm positive that you're the one who'll make him truly happy." he contined. "I think so too. Is he over her?" I asked. "Yes, he is. You're the one that he wants now. He's too shy to confess his feelings now, but he'll do it soon. You have some time to think it over and sort out your feelings until then." he advised. "Thanks, Zayn." I smiled gratefully.

Zayn was the best person to go to advice for. He was so trustworthy, and I was glad that I had someone like him in my life.

Soon he decided to leave and go visit Harry. We said our goodbyes and hugged. He promised that he'd come visit me soon, and told me that I should come to his place some time. I waved him goodbye as he walked over to Harry's place.

As I shut the door and walked upstairs to my room, numerous thoughts ran through my mind. I was so confused right now. I didn't know what to think, and I didn't know what to do.

The thoughts of losing Harry scared me so much that my eyes welled up with tears. I faught back the tears, trying so hard not to cry.

I closed my eyes and a picture of Harry flashed before my eyes. I once read somewhere that if you close your eyes, you can see a picture of someone that you love. I loved Harry, and I hated him at the same time. It was always like that, but this time, it hurt.

I’m broken, do you hear me?
I’m blinded, ‘cause you are everything I see,
I’m dancin’ alone, I’m praying,
That your heart will just turn around,

And as I walk up to your door,
My head turns to face the floor,
‘Cause I can’t look you in the eyes and say,

When he opens his arms and holds you close tonight,
It just won’t feel right,
‘Cause I can love you more than this, yeah,
When he lays you down,
I might just die inside,
It just don’t feel right,
‘Cause I can love you more than this,
Can love you more than this.

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