Just An Option - A Harry Styles Fanfic.

Being bestfriends with Harry Styles may seem like a dream come true for most girls, but for Annabelle Hastings, it might be like living a nightmare.

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17. Chapter 16.

*Liam's P.O.V.*

It'd been 2 days since we'd arrived at Harry's place. The rain had finally died down now. The weather was back to normal, and it was sunny again.

We were now at Anna's place, all of us sprawled out on the floor, blankets, bowls of unfinished popcorn, candy wrappers, empty soda cans and xbox games and dvd's were found practically everywhere in the room.

I slowly sat up, rubbing my eyes, careful not to wake anyone up. As I looked around, I found Anna right beside me, with Winnie and Niall next to her. Harry and Georgie were each asleep on a couch.

I got up and tiptoed to the kitchen, looking for food. Good Lord, it looked like we'd been robbed. I bet we were, by Niall of course.

I picked up some ingredients from the refrigderator and started making some scarmbled eggs.

Soon enough Harry was up and decided to help me out by making some pancakes. We stood beside each other and talked about what we should do today.

Just as we were talking, we heard someone shuffle into the kitchen. We turned around to find a very sleepy and probably hungry Anna walking towards the refridgerator.

"Morning!" Harry and I chirped, turning back to our eggs and pancakes. "Morning." she mumbled, drinking some cold coffee.

Even though she was in her pj's, her hair was a mess, she was cranky, hungry, and sleepy, she looked beautiful. I have no idea what this girl does to me, but it feels nice, no, it feels amazing.

"30 pancakes. You think that's enough, Li?" Harry asked, looking towards me. "Yeah, I guess." I said, snapping out of my thoughts and transferring the scrambled eggs from the pan onto a plate. "You should go wake the others up, Haz. They're gonna be asleep all day if you don't." Anna suggested, snacking on some mini pretzels. "Alright, if I'm not back in 10 minutes, it means I need help." Harry chuckled, walking towards the living room.

"So, what woke you up?" I asked as Anna walked towards me. "I was cold." she said, pouting. Oh my God, why? Why is she so cute?!

"Can I have a hug? You left me alone in the cold." she asked sadly. "You had Winnie and Niall." I said, trying not to do something stupid. "Psh, they were too busy cuddling." she rolled her eyes. "Alright, hold on," I said whilst transferring the last bit of scrambled eggs onto a plate. "Okay, you can have a hug now." I pulled her into my arms and hugged her tight. She held onto me like she was scared. "Anna, are you okay?" I asked. "Yeah, just had a bad dream." she mumbled into my chest. "What was it about?" I asked pulling away a little so that I could look at her. "I don't exactly know." she replied, looking down. "You can talk to me about it if you remember, alright? I'm always here." I said, pulling her back into my arms.

I felt her relax a little. I wish I knew what was bothering her, so that I could protect her.

"Hey Liam?" she said, pulling away. "Yeah?" I asked, looking into her eyes. "Can I talk to you? In my room?" she asked, slowly. "Sure." I replied.

I hope this was about the dream, because from what I could see, it really bothered her. I'm glad she's gonna open up to me, about whatever it may be, because that means that she really trusts me.

We went upstairs after waking everyone up and sending them into the kitchen to eat. She closed the door behind her after we went into her room and sat beside me on her bed.

"Liam, promise me that you won't be mad." she pleaded, on the verge of crying. "Hey, hey. Don't cry, I swear, I won't be mad." I said, pulling her close to me. "Tell me you mean that, please." she sniffed, fighting the tears that were threatning to spill out of her eyes. "Yes, I do." I said. "Please, don't hate me, Liam. I'm afraid to tell you this because I don't want you to think differently of me, I did it in a moment of weakness. Things got out of control, and I.." she looked like she was about to cry, gosh, I hope this wasn't as bad as it seemed. I hope she was okay, and that nobody hurt her.

"I cut myself, Liam." she cried into my shoulder.

I felt sorta angry because I thought that maybe she'd done it because someone hurt her, but I looked at her scared face and managed to reason with myself and calm down.

"How many times, Anna?" I asked, pulling her closer and stroking her back. "5." she replied weakly. "Are they deep?" I questioned. "Not all of them. But you're not mad?" she asked, lifting her head off of my shoulder. "Of course I'm not. I'm so sorry you had to go through something like that. I wish I could've stopped you. When did you do this though?" I asked, looking at her tear stricken face. "A few weeks ago. I haven't told anyone else, by the way." she replied, sniffling. "You can trust me, Anna. I know that it must've been hard for you to tell someone. But I want you to promise to never do this again, okay? Whenever you feel like it, I don't care what time it is, call me." I said, pulling her into my arms again. "Okay." she mumbled.

I decided not to ask her more questions, because if she did it because someone hurt her, she'd tell me. It's obvious that I'd go punch the guy if she told me, but she still wouldn't lie.

I held her in my arms for what seemed like days until she finally stopped crying. I pulled away and looked at her face. She still managed to look so pretty even when she cried.

I wiped the tears off of her face and rubbed her cheeks with either of my thumbs. "C'mon, go wash your face, let's go have breakfast." I smiled. "Okay." she whispered and walked to the washroom.

I wonder what's bothering her. I wish she'd told me about the cutting sooner. But I'm glad she told me now, at least I know that she trusts me. I hope she tells me about the other things too.

*Anna's P.O.V.*

Telling Liam about the cutting felt like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. I was terrified of what his reaction would be. I'm so glad he wasn't mad, because if Liam would've been mad, I'm sure everyone else would be even more mad.

I'm pretty sure a few people would slap me though. Especially Winnie, since I'd slapped her when she cut herself once. It was a tiny cut, but I was still pissed, because she didn't exactly have a reason, or maybe she was just as confused as I was.

As I walked back into my room, while tying my hair up into a messy bun, I noticed that I'd soaked his t-shirt with my tears.

"I'm so sorry I soaked your t-shirt." I said, quickly grabbing an over-sized t-shirt from my wardrobe. Thankfully it wasn't anything girly, good thing I'm into Metallica. "It's alright, love. Ooh, Metallica." he said whilst taking his shirt off. Why does a member of one of the world's hottest boybands have to call me love and then take off his shirt? WHY?!

I shyly handed him the t-shirt and took the soaked one and threw it into a hamper.

We walked downstairs and found everyone still sat at the table, chatting and having breakfast.

"Hey guys." Liam chirped. "Hey, what's with the shirt? Isn't that Anna's?" Harry asked, raising his eyebrows. "She dropped some coffee on my shirt." Liam said, poking my side. I squeeled and jumped away from him. "You know me, I drink coffee at night sometimes, and it just stays on my bedside table if I don't finish it, and then I find it in the morning, and quite often, I use it as a weapon." I said, chuckling. "A weapon against..?" Winnie asked raising an eyebrow. "He was tickling me." I said, horrified as Liam was about to poke my side again. He snickered as he sat down at the table. I stuck my tongue out at him as I filled my plate with food.

"Let's have a movie marathon today!" Niall said, after gulping down the food in his mouth. "Ooh, that's a great idea!" Georgie said excitedly. "Let's start with rom-com, then horror, and then comedy, so that we don't end up like zombies tomorrow." Winnie said.

~The next morning~

All I could see was green grass. Fresh and lively. I've always loved grass. It was so simple, yet it could make the ground look so beautiful.

I felt someone lightly tap my shoulder and turned around to find the most magnificent pair of brown eyes staring at me. They looked like two pools of chocolate as I stared into them and felt myself melting.

"Catch me." that's all he said before he ran away, into the never-ending field of grass.

I chased after him, desperate to find myself lost into his puppydog-like eyes. To stare into them for eternity, while we lay on the grass.

After running for almost 10 minutes, I saw him laying down on the grass a few metres away and increased my speed to catch him.

Just as I reached him, he sat up and pulled me into his arms.

"You're a fast runner." he breathed. His breath was minty and made me want to breathe in that scent forever.

"So, when are you gonna tell me?" I asked, looking down and playing with the hem of his shirt. "Tell you what, love?" he asked. "Don't play dumb with me, LiLi. When are you gonna admit to me that you like me?" I asked, looking up into his beautiful brown eyes. "Right now. I really like you. A lot." he said, smiling. "Good, because I really like you a lot too." I said, smiling and leaning in.

"Anna?" someone with a croaky, but still very loud voice said. Wait, I thought it was just Liam and I in this.. Park?

"Anna! Wake up!" I shot my eyes open, realizing that it was only a dream.

"You and Liam are the only ones asleep, we're all hungry!" Niall's Irish accent rang through my ears as I started to figure out where I was while rubbing my eyes.

As I was rubbing my eyes, I felt someone shift beside me. I looked to my right to find a very sleepy and adorable-looking Liam looking at me with tired eyes.

"Guys! Get up and dressed, we really want breakfast today." Georgie yelled. "God, what time is it?" Liam croaked in his irresistable morning voice followed by his cute little yawn.

"It's almost 10am." Harry said, attempting to pull the both of us off of the floor. "Ugh. Why couldn't you just have gotten some take-out for us?" I complained. "Because I know you, Anna. You're very picky with your food. So is Liam. You guys are unpredictable." he replied. "Fine." Liam and I grumbled, shuffling to the washrooms.

As I brushed my teeth, I thought about my dream.

Unfortunately, I'd been dreaming a lot about Harry lately, but this dream was about Liam.

I must admit, the dream was a little weird, but it was good weird.

The way he looked in the dream, the way we acted together, the way I admired him wouldn't mind spending an eternity staring into his wonderous eyes. It seemed so surreal.

I knew he liked me, and I liked him back! It's like we knew that we liked each other, but didn't say it out loud. But that was only part of the dream.

But then that got me thinking.

What if I really liked him?

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