Just An Option - A Harry Styles Fanfic.

Being bestfriends with Harry Styles may seem like a dream come true for most girls, but for Annabelle Hastings, it might be like living a nightmare.

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14. Chapter 13.

*Harry's P.O.V.*

It's been over a day. I haven't spoken to Anna at all. She won't even look at me. I guess I kinda deserve that, I was being such a prick. I knew how much going to Brown meant to her, and I still asked to go to Oxford with me, like an idiot.

I messed up so bad, and I feel so sorry. She's my besfriend, how could I have done that to her? How could I even think of asking her to forget about her dreams and follow me? Maybe because I didn't wanna break the promise I made to her. But in a way, what I said to her, did break my promise.

I couldn't see her hurting, especially because of me. What kind of a bestfriend am I? Ignoring Anna, asking her to come to Oxford with me and Georgie, lying to her! I bet she feels like I don't care about her anymore.

I just wish there was a way to fix this, because I really miss Anna. Georgie may mean more to me than she does, but she does mean something to me.

I decided to apologize to her later tonight. I just hope she forgives me. If she doesn't, she'll hate me forever in 3 weeks.

*Winnie's P.O.V.*

Today was the day. It was the day Niall was gonna leave. And there was nothing I could do about it.

Somehow, I just couldn't get it into my system. I couldn't except the fact that the time I've spent with him has come to an end.

Sure, we'd see each other again. But what if he finds another girl in Mullingar? An ex? Or a girl who's been crushing on him for way longer than I have and is probably in love with? Or a girl he used to like, but never got to date? Or worse, what if he gets so busy with his life, that he never comes to visit me or has time to talk to me?

I just wish I could've frozen last night in time so that we could've spent it together, forever. But sadly, there isn't such a thing as forever.

I'm gonna miss him so much, he has no idea. I'll miss every part of him; his gorgeous blue eyes, his amazingly soft blonde hair, his adorable laugh, his cute smile, his toothy grin, his warm Horan hugs, his sexy Irish accent,  his huge appetite, his sense of humour, and his hyperness.

I never thought that I'd actually get to meet him, and now that I have, it feels like a dream, and I never want to wake up.

*Anna's P.O.V.*

I woke up in a familiar pair of strong but comfortable arms. Without even letting my brain respond, I knew that it was Liam. I smiled as I discovered that he was still asleep. But soon enough, realization hit me. Like a freakin' train. Liam was going home today.

If I wasn't snuggled up in his arms right now, I'd start crying hysterically. He's the reason why I haven't done something worse than cutting myself. He's the one who made me smile and called me beautiful, when Harry, being my bestfriend, hurt me.

Even though I'd known him for just 4 days, he opened a new door for me. He showed me that there will be someone who likes you for who you are, and that Harry's not the only nice guy in the world, there are more of them out there who'd love me back if I loved them.

People say, nothing lasts forever. And I believe them. But why did Liam have to leave so soon? I know that we'd see each other again. But we'd drift apart soon enough. We live miles apart, eventually he'd find someone else, who likes him back. Someone like Danielle, whom he'd love unconditionally, and get the same in return. Maybe he'd get Danielle back, and I wasn't meant to be there in his life.

What if Liam deserves better than me? What if that is the reason why Liam doesn't get to stay in my life? Maybe I should let Liam go then.. Because everything happens for a reason.

My thoughts were interrupted as I felt Liam shift beside me. Sigh, this is it. In another hour or two, he'll be gone.

"Morning." he mumbled, rubbing his eyes. "Morning." I whispered before hiding my face in his chest. We didn't say anything for the next 20 minutes. We just lay there, holding each other, as tightly as we could, hoping to never let go.

But we had to get out of bed after a while, we knew that forever never lasts.

As Liam got ready and went downstairs to eat breakfast, I started thinking again. It's hard to let go of Liam, but I guess I need to learn to let go. Maybe that's the reason Liam's leaving; to help me learn how to let go of something that you need, but doesn't belong to you. Liam belongs to someone less broken, because let's face it, everyone's got issues of their own, and Liam's a little broken too.

I shuffled down the stairs and grabbed a cup of coffee and a plate full of French toast. I sat as far away as possible from Harry and quietly listened to the conversation the boys were having.

In such a short amount of time, these boys have managed to make a place in my heart for each one of them. I'm gonna miss the last 4 days so much. They made me laugh even when I was feeling like crap. Harry's so lucky to have them as bandmates.

Gradually, we all finished our breakfast and it was time for the boys to go. They were standing on my porch with their bags and were hugging all of us. Liam gave me the longest hug, and Niall gave Winnie the longest hug. She looked really sad, she never wanted the boys and espcially Niall to leave. It broke my heart to see her that way.

"Bye guys! Remember the group Skype chats, like we promised!" Louis said. Niall simply waved. "This isn't goodbye, we'll see you all soon." Liam stated. We all smiled as Zayn said, "See y'all around!" whilst they got into the car. All of us waved and they waved back.

As the car drove away, I realized just how much I'm gonna miss Liam. I just wished he wouldn't have to leave just yet. I don't know why I can't just let go of him, but I feel like even though we'll see each other again, or text each other, things will never be the same. That's why I wanted him to a stay. But sooner or later, I knew I had to let him go.

Not really sure how to feel about it,
Something in the way you move,
Makes me feel like I can't live without you,
It takes me all the way,
I want you to stay.

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