Stronger (Sequel to I Wish)

I reccomend you read 'I Wish' before this one.

It has been one and a half years since Kirsty last saw the members of One Direction. They haven't contacted each other at all over this period so Kirsty has not told them that she is pregnant.
Her pregnancy was unwanted and unexpected and the father is her rapist ex-boyfriend Dylan, who again did it to her 7 months after she had moved away from the boys and out of her Dad's house.
Kirsty, now 18, is now nearing her due date. When she is putting up her decorations in time for Christmas, an early, unexpected present arrives at her door.


15. Ahead of Time

Kirsty's POV

My little girl, she's getting so big! She looks just like Louis: his face shape, his eyes, his lips, his ears. However, she does have my nose - not a good look on me but it looks so cute on her petite face. Louis and I are engaged and living with Lola in our house in Doncaster.

I walk upstairs and hear laughing and screaming. I chuckle at the sound, knowing that Louis is messing about with her. As I walk into Lola's room, I see her long, brown ringlets covering her face that is hanging over Lou's shoulder.

'Guys, we need to get ready for our first day at school!' I exclaim excitedly, while laughing. Louis cradles her safely to the floor, ruffling her hair once she is balanced.

'Mummy! You're no fun,' Lola pouts and I chuckle.

'Yeah, MUM!' Louis mimics Lola.

'Daddy, stop making fun,' she giggles her adorable giggle and she walks over to me. 'Mummy, can you do my hair in a side plait?'

'Of course, anything for you my darling,' I say and guide her into my room. I comb her hair through - admiring the soft texture - and turn her head to the side. As I begin to plait, Lou walks in and starts doing his 'stop the traffic, let them through' dance in front of us and Lola shakes her head jokingly in disapproval.

'Daddy!' She exclaims and the plait falls loose.

'Lola, sweetie, can you keep still and Daddy! Will you please give us some girly time,' I giggle and he flounces out of the room - sassy sista style.

Once I had finished the hairdo, Lola ran off to find Louis and, by the sounds of it, he was waiting outside to make her jump. She squeals and just bursts into fits of laughter. I walk out to see Lola running down the stairs and Louis pretending to chase after her.

'Hey babe,' he says and walks over to me. 

'Hey, daddy,' I mimic Lola while he slips his arms around my waist. Our lips meet as we move closer together, and we kiss.

'DADDY!' Lola yells and we spring apart. I hope she didn't just see what we had just done - especially at the young age she is. 'I thought you were going to chase after me?' Lola's eyes drop and she shuffles her feet around.

'No more chasing, Lola. Daddy and I are going to walk you to school,' I walk over to her and hold her hand. Lola's face immediately lights up as we walk downstairs. 

Louis grabs her little One Direction rucksack and her One Direction lunch bag while I lead her out of the door. 'Do you want your scooter?' I ask.

'Yes please mummy!' Lola squeals and I walk back into the house, reaching into the cupboard for the scooter. As I take it out, a photo album falls onto the floor; I decide to leave it there until I arrive home.

I unfold the scooter and Lola scooted away, leaving Louis and I walking behind, hand in hand. 'Do you have any rehearsals today with the boys for your stadium tour?' I ask.

'Ah, dammit! I wanted to spend some alone time with you - now that Lola is in school,' his eyes drop to the ground.

'We have tomorrow, right?' I ask hopefully.

'Uh, maybe for 15 minutes or so. The boys are coming around for the day to see us and Lola. They wont be gone until 1am, knowing them,' he says sadly.

'Oh,' I comment and we walk on, faster, to catch up with the speedy Lola. 


Lola's POV

Mummy and daddy are gross! They keep on kissing and I don't like it. Daddy promised that he would chase me but he would rather kiss mummy. Rude!

I carry on scooting until I reach a road, that's when I stop next to a car. Mummy and daddy are chatting behind so it will be okay to have a peek. I drop my scooter and stand on my tip-toes to see inside the window. The person rolls it down.

'Hello,' the man says to me.

'Hello, I'm Lola,' I smile at him and he smiles back.

'I'm Dylan, nice to meet you Lola,' he says cheerily.

Just then, mummy comes running up to me. 'Darling, how many times have I told you not to talk to strangers,' she says and hugs me tightly.

'He's not strange mummy,' I say and smile. 'His name is Dylan and he's really nice.'

'No, Lola, you don't know that. He could be anyone. Now lets get to school,' mummy says and hold my hand, daddy holds the other. He lets go and walks over to the man, but mummy makes me keep on walking to school. Unfair!


Louis' POV

I jog over to the car that Lola was next to and tap on the window. He rolls it down in a matter of seconds and looks at me. I recognise the face, but yet I don't know who it is.

'Hey, mate. Sorry but what was my daughter talking to you about,' I ask politely, trying not to show my outrage of a middle aged man talking to my 4 year old girl.

'Oh she just told me her name so I told her mine. I don't mean any harm,' he replies innocently.

'I would appreciate that this didn't happen again. She is a young girl and you are a middle aged man. A bit creepy don't you think,' I snap at him and stalk off towards the school.

Kirsty and Lola were waiting for me by the school gates to say goodbye. I did so, and when I was sure that Lola was safe, I grabbed Kirsty's hand and lead her towards where the car was. I didn't like how creepy this man was - he could be anyone for all I know.

The car was still parked, with the man inside. Kirsty wandered over and tapped on the window. Once again, within a few seconds, the window rolled down. I could only hear snippets of what she was saying while I was walking over, but I didn't get the whole conversation.

'So who the hell are you anyway?' Kirsty demands.

'I'm Dylan. Nice to see you again, Kirsty.' 

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