My Angel

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  • Published: 23 Jun 2013
  • Updated: 26 Jun 2013
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Hey, I'm Ellie Miles, I have a LOT of sisters and I went to work when I was 16 but something went wrong...


2. Texts

As I drove past the miles of skyscrapers I received a text. I took out my phone from my bag and I saw that it was from Ada. Mum’s phone could draw text and she let Ada use her phone.

I replied.

I kept on driving knowing that Ada would ring me any moment now. RING RING! That’s  her now! “Hello?” I said. “ELLIE!” Ada burst out. “How are you?” “FINE! ARE YOU ok…?” “Yep, Ada you are so sweet, can you put the others on the phone please?” “YEEEEYYYYYYYYYY!” Ada screamed so loud she nearly made me deaf. “Hey!” I said. “HHEYYYA!” Everyone said. “How are you’s?” “GOOD!” “I’ve gotta go now sorry, guys, need ta drive! Bye mwha! Missing you!” I hung up and drove on. They acted like I had been away for five years, yet I was just gone five minutes. I guess it was hard for them, as it is for me, but I can’t get all soppy, I have to be the grown up one here. Mum can’t work because she’s got children to look after, and so I have to go work. I get paid £14,834 per year and I have to send £10,412 to mum for her and the kids, so I get £4,422 for myself. It’s not a lot but it’s enough for one person. To pay the bills, to buy food and clothes I’m sure it’s enough. I feel like I’m the one who has to do everything and then I don’t even get all of the money, but I’ll have to make do.


“Hello! Welcome to the Hotel De Lasshe Net!” A woman in black said to me as she took my luggage off me and carried them to an elevator. “THIS WAY, PLEASE!” She shouted. “Coming!” I hurried up to where she was. She pressed a button and we were up. Door down the hallway to the right number 34!” She smiled to me. “Thank you!” I smiled back. She passed me the key and went back down the elevator. I walked with luggage in my hands and my key and came to door 34. I turned the key and inside I found a bunch of girls inside, my roommates. “Hey!” One of them called. “I’m Kelly, what’s your name?” She came up to me. “Ellie.” I replied. “Hey, we’re your roommates, I’m Kelly, this is Dolly, and over there is Bridget.” She pointed to Dolly, who had bright pink hair with bright blue streaks in it. She wore bright pink and blue clothes and stood there listening to music on her iPod. Bridget had long, blonde hair and she wore black clothes. Kelly had long, dark brown hair with green eyes, not that I could see them much, because her messy fringe covered it. She was smiling and she wore neutral colours. “I’m twenty-two, Dolly is thirty-five and Bridget is fourteen, she’s Dolly’s sister. How old are you?” She asked me. “Oh, me? I’m sixteen.” I replied. Her jaw dropped. “What?” I laughed. “You don’t know what happens round here, meet one guy and you don’t wanna know…” She looked suspicious, and scared. I laughed and walked in. “So where’s my room?” I asked. “To the left!” Kelly smiled. And shut the door. “Thanks!” I walked into my room and smiled. Pink and white. There was a white bed with white shelves over top of it with all sorts of white wooden quotes on them, there was DREAM, LOVE, HAPPINESS, KISS, TRY ME, FUN, LAUGH and SMILE. There was a pale pink duvet and pillow on the bed. There was a pale pink wardrobe to the side and there was one more door. I opened it. It was my en-suite. I smiled and shut the door again. I dumped my bags on the white wood floor and stared at the glorious pale pink walls and the white doors. Then I bounced back into the living room.


“So, what do you do for a living?” Kelly asked during a mouthful of macaroni cheese. “Oh, I’m gonna be working for the hotel, but I’m only gonna be at reception and in the kitchen and no cleaning, lucky me!” I laughed. “Cool, when are you starting?” Dolly asked. “Tomorrow at eleven, eleven to seven, with two lunch breaks. One at 1 to 1:15 and then another at 6 to 6:15.” I boasted proudly. “Sweet!” Bridget smiled. “Right, I’m heading for bed!” Kelly put her plate down and went to her bedroom, “Night!” She smiled. “NIGHT!” We replied. “I think I’m gonna head bed too!” I smiled and went to my room. I started unpacking and once I was finished I took a long bath and then went to bed.

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