My Angel

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  • Published: 23 Jun 2013
  • Updated: 26 Jun 2013
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Hey, I'm Ellie Miles, I have a LOT of sisters and I went to work when I was 16 but something went wrong...


7. "Sorry..."

"There's some good news, and some bad..." The doctor said sadly.

"Bad first, please..." Brad said silently after we had discussed it for a while.

"Well, baby Angel might not make it, but Tom has. They suffered from baby cancer. They stopped breathing last night and so they didn't cry." The doctor looked down at his feet and shuffled sadly.

"And the good news is that you still have baby Tom!" The doctor half-smiled.

I smiled thankfully and when he walked back out of the room I started crying like never before.

"Don't worry, she's gonna make it!" Brad said enthusiastically.

"Thanks, but what if she doesn't?" I asked Brad, wiping my tears away.

"She will..." Brad was worrying now as well.

After some more crying into Brad's chest the doctor walked in again.

"You can stay here overnight if you want?" The doctor asked, as it was now getting late.

I nodded. The doctor gestured me to a door and led me in. Brad came inside with me. There were two beds and two baby cots. Obviously this wasn't the room the twins were staying in here because there were no babies in the cots. I sat down on one of the beds and smiled to the doctor, indicating for him to go away. Brad sat down next to me and held my hands. I rested my head on his chest.

"Ellie?" Brad asked me.

"Mmh?" I mumbled.

"I need to tell you something." Brad started talking very seriously, I sat upright and looked into his eyes.

"Yes?" I asked, concerned.

"I'm not-not really called Brad..." He looked into my eyes, his Irish accent echoing against the walls.

"What are you called?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Niall...Niall Horan..." He said, embarrassed.

"Oh, then, Niall! Horan!" I smiled.

"You really don't know me, do you?" He laughed.

"No!" I confessed, half-laughing.

"I'm Niall Horan, from a band, called 1 Direction, we're famous." He said smoothly, wincing as if I'd just stabbed him to death.

"Ok, but why are you wincing?" I tilted my head curiously, rubbing my wet eyes.

"Because I know that any minute now you'll start screaming and squealing because you've just met me, Niall Horan." He steadied his hands.

"HA! Right! Ok, number 1. If I'd know you were...famous, then I'd have noticed you from the start!" I smiled, kindly.

"True, that's why I love you." He smiled, grabbed my head and kissed me endlessly.


"News, if you don't mind?" The doctor barged into our room early in the morning with a big smile on his face.

"Yes?" Niall woke up and climbed over to my bed and held my hand.

"ANGEL IS SAVED! IT'S A MIRACLE!" The doctor screamed.

"Oh, thank you!" I cried as I cried tears of happiness.

"May we see them?" Niall asked politely.

"Yes, sure!" The doctor barged out of the door and within a second he returned with the babies, he passed them over and I smiled.

"May I hold them?" Niall asked sweetly.

"Sure!" I smiled, and passed over baby Angel and Tom.

"They're both so cute!" He smiled and kissed their foreheads. I smiled as I gazed down on them.

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