My Angel

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  • Published: 23 Jun 2013
  • Updated: 26 Jun 2013
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Hey, I'm Ellie Miles, I have a LOT of sisters and I went to work when I was 16 but something went wrong...


3. Don't Do This!

I woke to the sound of my alarm. 10:15. WORK! Ugh. I can’t be bothered! But even so, I got out of bed, and headed for the shower in my oversized tee and shorts. After a shower I placed out my uniform on my bed and headed for the kitchen in my day pj’s. They were simply another oversized Tshirt and longer shorts. Underneath I had on my best lacy bra and panties, because I started work, so I wanted to be the best all over. I pulled out some cereal and poured some into a bowl. I pulled out a spoon and milk, I put the milk in the bowl as well and sat down on the couch. I switched on the TV and ate my cereal. After that I switched off the TV and went to my room to get changed. I put on my black top and slid on my black skirt. Then I put on some black knee-highs socks and some black heels. Then I looked in the mirror. “Hmmm…skirt’s too high, better hitch it up a notch.” And that’s what I did, well more than a notch, I hitched it up higher than my knee till it was to my liking. Then I set off.  When I arrived at the kitchen they said for me to waiter two customers on tables 42 and 68. I went to the table 42 and there were two girls. They giggled a bit and then said that they wanted two salads. Then I went to table 68 and found two guys talking. “Can I take your order?” I asked them. “I’d like a sandwich egg roll suppressive.” The first guy said. The second guy stayed with his nose in the menu book.“Nae, order!” The first guy said. “Oh, sorry!” Nae, he must’ve been, said. “I’d like a crunchy leaves salad with dressing on the side and eggs, please, thanks!” Nae said politely, “Sure. Do you want me to take your menus?” I asked. “Yep, thanks!” The first guy said. “John, nicely!” Nae said to, John, he must be. “Yes, please!” John corrected. I took their menus and then one slipped out of my hands. I turned round to pick it up and after I saw Nae licking his lips. “Scuse me?” I asked. He pulled me close to his body and kissed me. "WHAT THE HECK? GET OFF ME!" I screamed and tried to escape but he didn't let go. He pulled me close again and tongue kissed me. I started crying. "SHUTUP!" He screamed and smacked me, "LOVE ME!" He screamed. "OK!" I cried. He french kissed me and I did back. Then he grabbed my boobs and started feeling them. I grabbed his penis and started playing with it. Then he pushed down on my private part and I cried harder. "COME TO MY APARTMENT!" He carried me to his apartment.


I don't think you wanna know what he did to me but all I knew as well was; "ARGH!" I cried loudly...


"Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? WHY?" I screamed as I barged into my apartment and then my room. "Wha-?" Kelly started. I locked myself in my room and cried. "WHAT'S THE MATTER?" Kelly called, banging on my door. "I WANNA DIE! GO AWAY!" I screamed. I rushed into the bathroom and pulled out some pills marked DEATH and I opened the lid. I rooted through the cupboard more and found a pregnancy test, I screamed and threw it on the floor. Then I sat on the bathtub side and took a pill out. I heard a loud bang and the next second Kelly barged in. "NO!" She screamed. "YES!" I cried. She threw the pills on the ground and held me back. "WHY? I WANNA DIE!" I cried, tears streaming down my face. "Calm down." Kelly hugged me and I tried to calm down. "Why is a pregnancy test on the floor?" She asked me. "I FOUND IT IN THIS CRAZY CUPBOARD!" I shouted. "Ok, ok, why?" Kelly tilted her head like a dog. "BECAUSE SOME FRICKING IDIOT FORCED ME TO HAVE... WITH HIM AND I DIDN'T WANT TO! BUT HE FORCED ME KELLY, FORCED! I DON'T KNOW WHETHER THE HECK I'M PREGNANT BUT I WAS GONNA DIE ANYWAY, SO THAT WASN'T A PROBLEM!" I shouted.

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