Wolf eyes

The dark bloods are powerful demons that plague the world the darkness. The wolves fight to restore light into the world, however they are powerless without her. Her, the one that was prophecised to save the light and keep the balance. But how can she save the light when she cannot even save herself?


1. Prologue

‘To look into the eyes of a wolf is to see your soul.                                                                              Just be sure that something you want to view is there.’


Darkness descended over the already gray sky, smudging away any small rays of light that had threatened to penetrate the ominous smoky field. The wolves stood upon the once green hillside, their howls harmonising a melancholy cry as they attempted once more to break through the dark sky.

Lunar creatures, powerless and defenceless without their glowing moon, even the strongest of them all forced to lean against a long dead tree as he once again attempted the change. He pushed his weakened body up, showing his dominance and with one gaze silenced the pack of once fierce warriors. He made no effort to reassure them that they could fight the darkness, he only stood with the last strength he had left. Tall and powerful until the end, waiting for his beta to return with the news they all desired, always an Alpha for his people.

The dark bloods monstrous power was only increasing, for now they could even block the moon from their enemies, the wolves.

A scuffle was heard from the side and when the Alpha caught the woody familiarity of his Beta’s scent he let his stance relax slightly again the dead wood once more.

Turning his mighty head towards the newcomer, he spoke directly to him through their mind link.

“Do you have the news that I desire Beta Damien?” He spoke, proud to know that the distinctive rumble of power still shone through like a ray of hope in his voice.

Instinctively the Beta lowered his head.

“I do Alpha. The Dark Bloods may be mighty but even they cannot shield the moon from us. The moon Goddess is merely shielding it from the eclipse that haunts us all. She shall return its splendour to us if we do need it.”

The Alpha growled a menacing order.

“We need it NOW.” He instructed and as he spoke the darkness temporarily lifted from the skies and the Alpha was lifted with it up to the moon. He had received an audience with the Goddess herself.

He felt a tingling sensation and saw that he had shifted back to his human form.

“The dark bloods have grown stronger, not even your council is strong enough to defeat them.” Her melodic voice seemed to flow dreamily straight into the Alpha’s mind.

“What would have you me do Goddess? You shielded the moonlight from us.” Even a wolf as strong as he could not fight against the Goddess.

“The council will be destroyed for all but one. I have seen it, the threads have shown me.” She spoke once more, ignoring his previous comment.

“When Goddess? Who will be the one to survive?”

The ethereal woman shook her head impatiently.

“Upon the very hillside your wolves stand upon Alpha. You will return before the fight. I do not see who, only when and what.”

The Alpha growled. “My men are not prepared, you wish me to lead them into a battle where only one of us will survive. I cannot, you must stop this.”

“The threads have already spoken. You must do this. It is all a part of the prophecy, to end the dark ones.”

Now it was time for the Alpha to shake his head. “What prophecy?”

“A girl of age-sixteen years                                                                                                               Hidden behind a mask of tears                                                                                                             Her blood as pure as a silver moon                                                                                                     One the same as a true wolves tune                                                                                                   Wash away the dark the plagues our land                                                                                                 If aided by her peoples hand                                                                                                            Hidden by a mortal guise                                                                                                                             A human girl with jade wolf eyes”

The Alpha paused for a moment as the words imprinted themselves on his brain.

“How will the wolves not die out without the council to protect them?” He asked desperately. “They will all die!”

The Goddess shook her head. “I will place them in my Castrum Lunam. The gate shall remain locked and the one surviving council member frozen in time until the girl is born. the rest of the wolves will serve the castle until they can serve her.”

The Alpha nodded and began to feel himself drifting away back to reality, back to his men, back to death.

“The one who lives must know the prophecy; he will be the only one who can make her save us all!” She called after him and he nodded to show that he understood. As his body dissolved into particles to move back to the hillside he heard the Goddess whisper

“I hope he is you.”

Back at the hillside he found himself still in his human form as the moon’s glowing face shown down on once more. His men, still in their wolf forms, swarmed around him. They were eager to know of their fate.

He opened his mouth to speak but was interrupted by rumble that was accompanied by a deathly aura. The dark bloods had arrived.

The Alpha and his men reacted quickly, throwing themselves into the fight. The Alpha felt as his first man was seized by a Dark Blood and had his body drained of blood. He felt the man’s life slip away and it pierced him like a dagger through the heart. He felt the sensation again and it went on and on until he knew that in only 5 minutes of the fight 12 of capable and strong men had their blood and life drained out of them.

It was then that he knew the Goddess’ prediction was right and he staggered backwards. His body weakened through harsh truths and the sensation of his pack members dying. Through his hazily blurring eyesight he could see his Beta fighting desperately through crowds of dark bloods to reach his Alpha’s side. An Alpha’s biggest weakness is his pack. He felt his eyes closing and forced them open again to see a dark blood standing over him with a sinister grin on his face. Desperately using the last amount of energy he had he projected the prophecy and the meaning behind it into the mind of every council member that still was alive and fighting.

As he felt his blood slowly drain out of him he shuddered in the truth that, for now, the dark blood’s had one.

With his last breath he whispered “I’m sorry” and then succumbed to suddenly peaceful prospect of death. Around the shell hat once was The Alpha council members continued to fall to the ground as their blood was drained out of them until, satisfied, the dark blood’s left. Leaving only one behind, with the fate of the world on his shoulders.

I bet you’re really confused right now. Let me start off by apologising, I started a new story on Wattpad which basically consumed most of my free time (I am still working on it and I have posted a few chapters on here if you want to read it). This lead me to start thinking that this story wasn’t very good as it didn’t have a clear plan or didn’t seem to be going anywhere with the plot. So I decided recently to make a new plan (which I did) and to start rewriting the entire story (which I have done). Unfortunately this means we are back to the beginning, but the story will be slightly different and hopefully it will be written better as well.  I hope you enjoy the new wolf eyes J

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