A horse is born

a prequel to the Rambo tales series. This book is made up of Amy's diary entries.


4. The Day

When i went to Snowflake's stable this morning, she was lying down with two healthy looking foal next to her. I smiled and walked over to her. I stroked her muzzle gently, which she thoroughly enjoyed.

Her two foals backed away a bit. They had a reason too, they had never seen a human before. Then Snowflake turned around and nickered at them. Maybe she said "Its okay its only Amelia, she owns you", Because as soon as she had nickered they walked unsteadily over to me. One was a boy and the other was a girl.

I think the sire must have been a Connemara. 

The boy is quiet gentle and curious. He has brown eyes. He has a black coat,. He was the first to come over, he nuzzled me and tried to climb on top of my lap. I stroked his nose, and he tried to lick me. I kept saying "good boy", Then he went back to his mother to nurse.

The girl is very shy, but gentle. She has one blue eye and one brown. Maybe her sire had blue eyes too. She has a grey coat, just like her mother. I held out my hand to her. "Its alright" i kep saying to her. After a few minutes she came and sniffed my hand, and gave me a small lick. I made a little giggle, then she got more curious. She walked up to me and i stroked her nose. She tapped my leg with hers and walked back to her mum. 

I walked over to Snowflake, who was now lying down. "Worn out are you?" i asked her as i played around with her forelock. She laid her head on my knee, finally able to relax. I stroked her face and she fell asleep for about ten minutes. When she woke up, she released that she hadn't been looking after her foals, and quickly looked up to check that they were there.  They were fine. She looked back at me and started nuzzling. I gave her a small hug. Then i walked off to look after another horse.

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