When the 5 new boys come to school all the girls fall in love, but theres just one boy that i fell in love with (zayn), he wouldnt ike a girl like me i am a geek.


3. Virtual Baby's!!!

Jazzys POV

After Physics was Home Economics. Miki and Becky and me are all in the same classes so we all went together. We walked into the classroom and surprisingly we where not the first ones there today. 'What are you guys doing here?' I asked the 5 guys from before sitting infront of us. 'Free country.' The one with Curley hair said plainly. 'Great.' Becky said sighing and sitting down at a table. Miki and I did the same. The rest of the class shortly came in as well and the teacher not long after that. 'MORNING CLAAAASSSSS!!!' She sung in a sing song voice. 'Today is very exiting!!!' She said happy. She's a psyco lunatic crazy bitch I sware to god. 'Everyone, contain your excitement now.' She was the only person exited. 'We are doing the marriage and baby assignment!' She told us still exited and glad like the crazy psyco bitch she is. 'Alright, so I know you want to chose your partners, but I will assign you into groups and you will be given a virtual baby to look after. You will need to take shifts on looking after the baby and remember, there is cameras in the baby so we see if you treat it right. Now, time for partners!!!' She sung. She read out everyone else's names except for Miki's, Becky's and mine. 'Becky, you will be partnered with Zayn, Jasmine, you will be partnered with Harry and Michaela, you will be with Niall.' She told us. I don't know who Harry is, but I'd assume he's the bad boy at the back with Curley hair that keeps winking at me and mouthing -your mine-. I could only assume... 'Everyone, please go sit with your partner and discuss baby names. The boy from before came up to me. 'Im Harry. Your Jazzy. We're having a baby together.' He said cockily. 'Hi. Could you just please sit down so we can discuss baby names?' 'We're having a girl and her name is Darcy.' He told me. 'Umm... What if we call it...' I didn't get to finish. 'Darcy.' He finished for me. 'Darcy.' I repeated. He smiled please. 'Why didn't I think if that?' Harry asked cockily. I sighed. 'You know, I'm your husband. You really should have more reapect for me.' He finished being a dick by the time the teacher came around and handed us a boy virtual baby. 'Ha. Harry, look there! It's a boy!' I said. 'No it's not.' He told me. He took the baby and went over to the teacher. He whispered something I would assume quite inappropriate in her ear and nibbled her neck quickly and she chuckled. He gave it to her and she handed him a girl baby. Of course. 'Ha. It's a girl Jazzy!' He said mimicking me. 'Dick head.' I whispered under my breath. 'That was inappropriate.' He told me. 'Bite me.' I told him. Burrnnn. 'I intend to.' He told me. I froze. Whhaaatttt?!?! I hope the other girls are having more fun than me.

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