Don't Let Me Go

Hi, My name is Jessica you can call me Jessi for short. I have long brown hair, brown eyes, and i'm short for my age witch is 18. I just won a contest and got two tickets and back stage passes to go see the one and only One Direction. I'm so excited, I love One Direction. The concert i'm going to is in Los Angeles, CA on June 24, 2013


1. Chapter 1

  Jessica pov:

   Tonight is the night of the concert I'm so excited. I'm going with my BFF, Harmony. She has long brown hair like mine and Blue/Green eyes. I'm getting ready and when I'm done I will go pick up Harmony. I'm getting in the shower and I'm scrubbing my hair and body and i shaved. I hopped out and got a towel. I wrapped my body in it and went into my bed room. I moisturized my legs and face. I blow dried my hair and straightened it. I applied foundation, concealer, powder, eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss. I put on more make up then I usually do cause I'm meeting One Direction in like 2 hours. I put on my dress it was tight at the top and then there was a high waist studded belt and it puffed out a the bottom. I put on my 2 inch black wedges. I grabbed my phone and went down stairs grabbed the tickets and the back stage passes and left. I texted Harmony I was on my way. Her house was about five away so it didn't take long to get there. I got there and honked my car horn and she came out. She is wearing a pair on short shorts and a crop top that says 'Wild child' on it and a pair on black vans. I love harmony cause she doesn't care if the world sees her bum or stomach or anything she wears what ever she thinks is comfortable. She got in the car and said "Are you ready for tonight? Because I'm nervous" i laughed "I am to" i replied. The place ware the concert is, is about 30 minutes away. 

                                                                 30 minutes later

   We arrived at the place. We both ran to the entrance. We showed the body guards our tickets and headed up into the first row. The show started in about 5 minutes. Harmony and I sat down in the middle of the front row. Perfect. The show started and i could not keep my eyes off harry and i think he noticed because  he looked at me and maid eye contact with me and then winked at me. They were singing rock me and harry was in the middle of the stage and i looked at me right as the chorus came on. I blushed. It was twitter talk so tweeted in a tweet " Ok this next one is from @jessicamaria76 'Do You guys see any cute girls in the crowed?' and this girl is in row 1 seat 20" Louis announced harry was looking in till he found me. I winked at him. He spoke in to his microphone " I do see 1 girl but i don't want to embarrass her" then winked at me i giggled. I realized The Harry Styles just called my cute OMG the fan girl in side of me kind of came out. they finished the concert and we got taken to a special room for the meet n' greet. About five minutes later the boys came in and greeted us. Harry got over to me and we had a little conversation "hey whats your name?" he asked " Jessica " i answered " Well Jessica you are a very pretty young lady." he said " Aww, thanks could me and my friend get a picture with you and the boys?" i asked " sure just let me go get the boys." A few minutes later he came back with the boys. First we took a silly picture, in that one harry picked me up and kissed my check and Harmony was getting a kiss on the check by Louis and Niall while making a funny face and Zayn and  Liam were pretending to hump each other. Then we took a serious one and i stood between Harry and Zayn and the next to Zayn was Liam then Niall then Harmony and at the other end Louis. After that i got the boys to sign my One Direction book same with Harmony then we left. We walked to the car. I got in the driver seat put on my seat belt and looked at the signatures and i noticed Harry gave me his number omg. Then Harmony squealed cause she got Louis and Niall's numbers i didn't say anything to her about Harry's number and i got on my phone and texted then number before we left and i said " Hey this is Jessica i just want to thank you because this was the best night ever thank you so much, xoxo Jessica ( you can call me jessi )" then i drove harmony home then i went to my house. I lived alone beacause my mom died when i was 3 and my dad allways yelled at me when i lived there so the day i turned 18 i moved out. I got home and went to my bed room changed in to  sweat pants and a white tank top. I herd my phone ding i looked at it and it was a text from harry that said " Your welcome, love. i Was happy when i saw you pretty little face. Thank you for making my night but i have to go to sleep its been a long day but tomorrow i have a day off would you like to hang out? ;) xx harry" i replied " ;) ok night we will talk about plans in the morning xoxo jessi " and after i sent that i fell asleep

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