Love me like you do

Holly Horan, yes she is Niall Horan's younger sister. She is adored by all of the boys and often goes on tour with them because she is their dancer. She is also considered like a younger sister to them, all of except for one, Harry.


4. Chapter 4

After lunch Perrie and I drove home together so she can help me get ready. I don't know why I'm so excited to go to the club, maybe it's the fact that I'm growing up? Or maybe it's because this is a new environment with Harry? All I know is I want this to be a good experience. I ran upstairs to my room, looking into my closet for nice clothes to wear. I walk in more to the back, that's where my dresses are. I pick my prom dress up but I put it back right away. "To fancy" I whisper under my breath. "Too tight", "too slutty", "too thin", "too long", "too short" "too ugly" "too casual" "to- wait a second, this one is nice" I smiled holding it up to my chest. "Yeah that's the one!" Perrie smiled. "Yeah, I think so too!" I said taking my jumper off along with my trousers. I carefully slipped on the dress and Perrie zipped up the back. "aw, that dress looks amazing on you!" Perrie smiles. "thanks Per!", but now I don't know what shoes to wear. Perrie went back into my walking closet returning with the most beautiful shoes. "it was like you were reading my mind" I giggled. "where do you keep your make up again?" Perrie asked, "the toilets" I followed her to the toilet where I'm guessing she was going to do my make up. "I was thinking brown glittery eyeshadow?" she asked for approval. "yes, for sure! Do whatever you think that would look nice" I nodded. Perrie began working on my make up sticking out her tongue in concentration as she perfected everything. "you done yet?" I giggled, "just about.......and I am DONE! FINALLY! And oh so perfect" she looked pleased with her work. She turned me around finally letting me look in the mirror. "wow, I look sorta good" I stared in the mirror. "sorta? honey, you look amazing! You always do! You don't even need make up! But it is always fun to get super dolled up for the club. I'm going to find you a man" she gave me a big hug. She doesn't know that I have BIG feelings for Harry. Perrie's phone vibrated and she unlocked the screen. "that was a text from Zayn, we should start heading to the club" she started to walk downstairs. I followed her out into the car, getting in the passengers seat.


skip the car ride


Perrie and I walked arm in arm and the tall man let us cut in the line. We didn't even have to wait. "Im guessing we look good" Perrie winked continuing to lead me inside of the club. After a while we found the boys including Niall who shook his head in disappointment that I actually showed up. I've always been like that innocent little sister that hadn't done anything bad that people of my age have done. I am innocent though. That's why it was ten times worst when I got raped, I didn't get to enjoy my first time. Not only that but I thought my life was completely ruined but now I try to forget about it by doing fun stuff to forget. "Holly" Harry greeted me with a hug. "Harry" i hugged him back. "Hey everyone now that Perrie and Holly are here lets start the shots!" Louis called. Everyone grabbed their shot. I stared at the tiny glass like it was some sort of poison. "c'mon Holly at least one" Perrie encouraged. "uh okay" I closed my eyes shut putting my head back and slurped all of the tequila shot at once. I feel my throat burning, that was disgusting! But since everyone else was drinking more, I decided to join in, you know to make this an experience and plus id hate to be the party pooper. Soon enough I became drunk, it was bound to happen. "you're such a funny drunk" Perrie laughed. I continue to dance funny. Something startled me, it was a man about a year or two older then me. He came from me so I decided to go with it and grind against him. I felt Harry's eyes on me so I was encouraged to continue but even better. Harry stopped watching after while so I decided to stop. "where do you think your going?" he gripped my arm tightly. "Let go!" I tried to pull away but couldn't. "you're good at grinding, I'm sure you're amazing in bed" he tugged on my arm to the exit which would lead to the alley. "NO, NO PLEASE!...SOMEONE HELP?!" I yelled. He brought me into the alley about to push me into his truck in I struggled and finally got out of his grip running towards the entrance. But since I was drunk and dizzy and I held myself up with the wall only for my back to be pushed against. "fine, if you won't let me take you home, we'll just have to do it here now wont we?" he evilly grinned. He began to nip at my neck as I cried hysterically. "STOP" I heard someone yell. I turned my head to my right, its Harry! Harry punched him in the face hard he fell on the ground, and Harry got on top of him repeatedly punching him in the face. He had so much rage towards the man. The man got up and ran to his car. Harry grabbed my hand and put me in his car. "are you okay? did he do anything to you?" All i did was shake my head. "you're coming with me everyone is drunk, you can stay at my flat" he kissed my forehead and was trying to keep me calm. I am crying so much i could fill ten water bottles.


skip car ride


We are in his flat and he went to get me a big shirt and shorts to sleep in. I sit on the edge of the bed blankly staring at the wall, trying my best to keep my eyes from letting another water fall of tears pour out. "Holly, may I come in?" Harry knocked and stood in the door way. I nodded scared that if I talk I would cry. He walked in setting the clothing down and sat beside me. He brought me in a tight embrace and whispered things to keep me calm. "Am I a slut? Is that why boys want to rape me?" I breathed. "You are not in anyway a slut! Those fu-I mean idiots just like to pick on the innocent girls that they think are defenseless" He stared into my eyes. I nodded taking in the information. "so its not my fault?" I whispered. "No" he shook his head. I looked in his eyes, feeling that moment come on again like in the dance room earlier. Harry slowly put his hand on face, lightly rubbing his thumb in circles on my cheek before we both leaned in our lips connecting causing fireworks off. But all good things come to an end eventually. We pulled away staring at each other. "you should get some sleep" Harry began to stand up. "No! please, please, please stay in here and sleep with me" I said anxiously. "I thought you'd never ask" he smiled. I quickly got dressed and went back into Harry's warm welcoming arms, snuggling into his strong yet cozy chest. Both of us falling asleep soon enough.

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