Love me like you do

Holly Horan, yes she is Niall Horan's younger sister. She is adored by all of the boys and often goes on tour with them because she is their dancer. She is also considered like a younger sister to them, all of except for one, Harry.


2. Chapter 2

I watched my choreographer and copied his movements. Dance, is pretty much the only thing that can take me out of reality. I threw myself in the movements not caring about the past or the future, caught up in the moment. "Holly, I think we're done." My dance choreographer smiled putting his regular shoes back on. "Oh okay, thanks, the new dance is really cool" I handed him his dance bag. "Yeah I made sure to make it special for you. I know you've been going through something and I know dance can get you through it." He hugged me before exiting the large room. I stood there am decided to go through the dance one more time. I closed my eyes and just let my body move letting my brain go blank and letting my body do what it does best, dance. When I stopped I heard clapping, I open my eyes to see a curly haired boy smiling like an idiot while clapping his hands like a seal. I giggled at this sight. "No, don't stop! You're dancing is beautiful." He whispered. "Nah, I'm done. So tired." I grabbed my water bottle and drank while he pouted. "Teach me a few steps" he stood up and walked beside me. "Fine, Harold" I got in position and started to teach him the dance. Lets just say I'm glad he can sing because this boy could definitely not dance. I laughed so hard when he tried to do a step and fell. "Hariette, you do it like this" showing him the proper way. "Hariette? Really?" He playfully chased after me. "You won't catch me" I yelled running all over the room giggling my head off. He caught up to me and I was caught in the corner. He hugged me holding me tight. " I told you I would catch you" his raspy deep voice spoke. All of the sudden things became quiet and dare I say romantic. "Did I mention that your dancing is beautiful?" He asked. "Yeah you did" I stared into those beautiful green eyes of his. "Good but I also meant to say you're beautiful as well." He leaned in closer staring at my lips. Suddenly the door opened and someone yelled "HARRY AND HOLLY! THAT'S WHERE YOU GUYS ARE!". "Zayn..." Harry trailed off obviously disappointed. I was disappointed also, I was finally going to kiss the guy I was in love with. "Yeah, let's go." I said grabbing my dance bag speed walking out of the dance room. "What were you guys doing?" I heard Zayn ask Harry. "...nothing" Harry said walking out of the room. "Let's go to breakfast guys! I'm soooo-" everyone cut him off by " WE KNOW YOU'RE HUNGRY! When are you not?" We all laughed and exited the building. I kept on playing what just happened in the dance room, I never wanted it to end, why did Zayn have the worst timing? 

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