Expect the unexpected

Breezy was a typical 17 year old girl with best friends who she loves to death an older brother and a sister the same age her best friends are like family to her mom and dad but one fall night everything Changes


2. First stage of Devastation

Tami's P.O.V We woke up at 11:30  and its now 12:30 Breezy has hardly said a word since she woke up 

****************PHONE CONVO BETWEEN TAMI AND ZACH****************

"Hello" I asked 

"TAMI!!!" Zach's Voice boombed through the phone

"Hey Zach whats happening" I asked 

"Im packing my stuff and coming home and you answered the phone so Im guessing you the girls and the boys are staying with Breezy" He said 

"Yeah shes upset" I said 

"Can I talk to her" He asked 

"Good luck getting her to talk but sure" I said walking into the living room I told Breezy it was Zach and she immediately grabbed the phone 

**********COVO SWITCHES TO BREEZY AND ZACH**********************************

"Hey Breezy Im coming home" He said 

I just nodded I didnt have the strength to talk 

"Bre I know your there just listen dont do anything stupid I will be home either really late tonight or early tomorrow morning" He said "

"Zach we have to tell Cat I told the Poilce not to call her because shes on the Trip I cant tell her" I said finally speaking 

"Dont worry she will be home a few days after I get home Ill tell her" He said

"Alright Im gonna go and get dressed I have an interview for an internship" I said 

"Like I said nothing stupid" He said 

"I wont love you" 

"Love you too" 

*********************END CONVO**************************

"Interview" I asked "I got that interview at the recording studio" She said we all looked at her "AND YOU DIDNT TELL US!?!" Chaira asked "Sorry" She said "Are you sure you wanna go after.." Chase trailed off "Chase its fine and I have to go the need a translator and an Sound board person and Im quite capable of that plus I need an internship this one lasts for a year then I actually have a Job" She said "Go get ready" She smiled and ran upstairs "Well the first Stage of Devastation has set in" Jeremiah said "Denial" Courtney sighed "Nikki You do realize shes gonna make you help her with her hair right" Chaira said taking a bite of her bagel "Thats fine" He smiled Nikki has 4 sisters 3 younger 1 older and a brother and his brother is like 5 and his sisters are 15 14 13 and 17 and he helps with them with her head "OW!" We heard Breezy scream "YOU OKAY!?" Dean asked she came down stairs with a burn on the side of her hand "Yeah just burned my self with my straightener"  She said "So I dont need to help you with your hair?" Nikki asked we all started laughing sometimes it sounds like he enjoys doing it "Nope" She smiled then her face went serious "But do I look okay???" She asked "No you look like a Tramp" Drake said serious we all glared at him "WHAT THE HELL!?" We all screamed "I was kidding!" He put his hands up in defense "You look perfect we promise" Sam said she slapped drake on the back of the head "Dont say that" She said "Sorry" He stuck his tongue out "Good luck" The girls and I hugged her then the boys hugged her "I dont need luck I got skill" She said  we laughed "Alright Im gonna be late ill call you when Im in the parking lot" She said slipping her phone in her back pocket "You better and can we take you brothers car to like the movies or the mall" Chloe asked "Yeah the keys are hung on the wall" She smiled "NO reckless driving" Chase said more like a father than a friend "I wont BYE!" She ran out the door 

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