Don't let me go

This is the story of a girl who travels around the world, but no to meet a guy, or friends, she goes searching for beautiful places to take photographs at, she loves photography, and wishes to be a big and recognized photographer one day. But she walks in to something unexpected, that changes her life. What will it be?


4. Chapter 4 "Nice to meet you"

I stood up and looked at him leaving "My name is Samantha Howe" I said in a high tone, just to call his attention, of course. He stood there and I knew he smirked, I just felt he was. He turned around and he had that smirk on his face. "Nice name" He came closer "What about yours?" I said, I felt a little bit idiot, I mean he's a 'Famous Person'.
"I'm Harry, Harry Styles" He said smiling "Nice to meet you" I said giving him a little smile "Nice to meet you too Sam, I can call you like that, right?" He said in a very funny way, which made me laugh "Yeah, sure and can I call you Curly?" I smiled in a confident way "Yeah.. but if you do... I'll call you... Brownie?" What in the world? He made me laugh "Brownie?... Oh by my hair! Well, it's a nice nickname and after all I love brownies!" I smiled wide showing my nice teeth "I love brownies too... especially those that look like you" He winked "C'mon, don't ruin it..." My smile faded "Yes, I'm sorry! Well... are you having breakfast with someone?" I got distracted by his big biceps...
"Mhm..." I said  "Well, then I'll have dinner with you" He smirked "Wait, this isn't a date.. right?" I didn't want that to be a date, I just wanted to go to dinner with him as a friend, he was still a complete stranger to me. "It depends on you" He said, and left. Kate arrived some minutes later "Why were you so long?" I looked at her. "Sorry, I had a long talk with him" She said taking a seat "That doesn't surprise me" We both laughed, The food was there some minutes later, I didn't tell Kate about the curly one, after all he was only a friend. We spent all day taking pictures, and some selfies, which I didn't like, then it was 16:00 so we decided to go to the pool. "Are you sure, I look good in this bathing suit?" "You have a nice body, Sam, don't worry" I was always insecure about my body, I got to a point were I stopped eating, but I realised I love food, the only thing that I did after that was a diet.

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