Don't let me go

This is the story of a girl who travels around the world, but no to meet a guy, or friends, she goes searching for beautiful places to take photographs at, she loves photography, and wishes to be a big and recognized photographer one day. But she walks in to something unexpected, that changes her life. What will it be?


2. Chapter 2 "Before leaving"

I was in my room, looking around if I was forgeting something, but my childhood memories came suddenly, I couldn't resist to smile, then I just heard my name been called from the house first story
"Samantha Howe, it's the third time i'm calling you" My mother spoke, and I obeyed
"Leave her mom, she needs time" I heared that particular voice, and I knew it was him

"Mom, is that Roger?" I said calmed

"Yes, it's me Sam" He said smiling
"Roger!" I hugged him, I haven't seen him in a long time, maybe since Christmas.

I had a long conversation with him, we get along very well, but the clock struck 4:00 p.m. so It was time for me to leave, I said "Good-Bye!" to everyone, I was really excited, to be travelling with my best friend. My dad drove me to the airport, it was a bit far, but we got just on time. I hugged him for a long time, and I couldn't resit to cry, my dad was everything to me and I was going to be gone for the next six months, I kissed his cheek and walked to the plane. It was getting late, so I checked my seat and waited for the plane to take off, Kate was beside me, she was crying too, she was leaving her family and boyfriend, but we were happy that we had each other.

Our first stop was Mexico, we were going to spend some days there and then we will travel all Central and South America and the Caribbean. We pretty much know all North america so, yeah.

"Kate we're here" I shook her, she was asleep 

"Huh?" She had puffy eyes and red nose

"We're here" I said once again hoping for her to listen this time

"Oh, that was fast" She smiled

We got up and grabbed our bags then walked out, a sir helped us get our suitcases, we walked out the airport and there was this man with a paper sheet with our last names on it, we walked to him and he drove us to the Four Season's hotel.

"This place is gorgeous" Kate said as we both were checking in

"Yes, it's very beautiful" The receptionist said
"Umm excuse me..." I looked at her name tag "...Jennifer do you have any dance studios around here?" 

"We do. Do you want the address?" She said smiling 



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