A Summer To Remember - The Mystery of the Strange Letters

The Bob-Whites are back for the summer. After solving their first mystery they are ready to settle down and have a great summer back together as a group. But when another mystery is suddenly knocking on their door how can they refuse to try and solve it? The summer is turning into one of love and of course, mystery. Book 2 of the Bob-Whites Summer series.


3. Surprise

Trixie and the bob-whites took the letter straight to be police the very next morning. Trixie was feeling alot better after a good nights rest. She was still shaken up, though.
'Hmm, this isn't good at all.' Sargent Molinson said as he read the letter, frowning. 'do you know of anyone who would want to do this to you?'
Trixie and the bob-whites all shook their heads.
'I mean we have made a few people angry at us by catching them out when they are doing something wrong... but most of them are in jail,' Jim said.
Sargent Molinson nodded taking this into account. He didn't say anything, just stood thinking. when he continued to not say anything Trixie finally jumped in.
'What do we do?' she asked.
'Theres not alot we can do. You've touched the letter so we wont be able to get any finger prints,' he replyed.
Trixie cursed herself silently.
'I think the best we can do is send a police car out to watch over your house for the next few days.' he added.
Trixie nodded, that would make her feel safe. 'Alright, thankyou Sargent Molinson, that would be really good.'

The bob-whites arrived back home not long after and filled Mr and Mrs Belden in on what had happened.
'Why didn't you tell us last night?!' Mrs Belden asked, more worry creeping into her tone rather than anger.
'We wanted to talk to the police first, incase it wasn't something to worry about.' Trixie replyed.
'This is very serious Trixie, you've been threatened, so this is most definitely something to worry about.' Mr Belden chimed it.
'Trixie was in alot of shock last night, we all were, we didn't know what to do.' Brian said, sticking up for his sister.
She gave him a thankful look.
'Im just glad that they've sent a police car out to keep you safe.' Mr Belden said.
The car had arrived half way through the bob-whites explanation. Today it was a guy called Teddey that was doing the watch. He had patrolled around the house three times already and was now checking out the property for any clues or leads. Dan left to help, along with Mart and Di, not long after the conversation with Mr and Mrs Belden ended. Honey, Brian, Jim and Trixie decided to head up to the club house and manor house to check the place out, and Honey and Jim wanted to visit their old home again.

'Gosh i miss this place more then anything.' Honey said as they got the spare key out from under the potplant and unlocked the front door. They headed into the house, looking through the rooms. Dust had settled on all the old furniture and cobwebs had begun to fill the corners of each room. 'It makes me sad to see the place like this.' Honey added, looking around the library, at all the now empty shelves.
'Lets head up to our old rooms,' Jim said turning and heading for the stairs. Suddenly there was acreak from the floor above them. They all froze, half way up the stairs.
'What was that?' Honey squeaked.
Jim hurried up the stairs and come out to top just in time to see a figure duck into one of the old guest rooms. Trixie came up beside him.
'In there.' Jum whispered, pointing at the guest room.
They crept forward until they were right in front of the door. Jim placed his hand on the door and looked at Trixie.
'one, two, three!'
Jim pulled the door open and both the bob-white members gasped in surprise. Honey came up behind the two and looked into the room.

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