A Summer To Remember - The Mystery of the Strange Letters

The Bob-Whites are back for the summer. After solving their first mystery they are ready to settle down and have a great summer back together as a group. But when another mystery is suddenly knocking on their door how can they refuse to try and solve it? The summer is turning into one of love and of course, mystery. Book 2 of the Bob-Whites Summer series.


9. Hideout

The Bob-Whites decided to pay a visit to the hideout. Trixie and Brian debated wildly with one another on whether they should be accompanied by a police officer, and after Brian brought up that Mrs. Belden had said they had to, Trixie finally agreed.

'I'm only looking out for you Sis.' Brian said as they were crossing the yard to Jim's car, which he had got back a few days ago all in one piece.

'I know Brian.' Trixie said trying to give him a smile but failing. 

She felt a hand come in contact with hers as it swung back and forward and 5 muscular fingers entwine with hers. She looked up at Jim. He just gave her hand a little squeeze, then let go to open the car door for her.

'Ohhhh Jim! Come open the door for your beloved Dan!' Jim heard Dan call from the other side of the car. He rolled his eyes good-naturedly. 

'Coming my love!' Jim called back as he closed the door behind Trixie. 

Trixie giggled to herself as Jim opened the door and bowed to Dan as he got into the car.

'Thank-you handsome man.' Dan said in his best girly voice, which came across as a high-pitched squeal.

The Bob-Whites cringed.

'That was hideous!' Honey exclaimed.

'Yeah that didn't really sound that great, coming from my mouth either.'

'I think my ears are permanently damaged.' Jim said closing the door. 

The 6 friends started laughing, as Jim got into the drivers seat and buckled himself in.

'Off to the hideout we go!' He said lamely as the car pulled out of the driveway.


20 minutes later they were parked out the front of the old newspaper factory. Brian had called on ahead to the police station to let them know the plan and he hoped that a police car was hidden nearby. 

'Ready to go in?' Brian asked, looking at his companions.

They all nodded, 'lets go.'

The Bob-Whites piled out of the car and walked silently towards the front door. Trixie felt for her flashlight in her back pocket. It was there. 

Honey stuck close to Trixie, 'do you think anyone is in there?' she whispered.

Trixie shrugged slightly, 'I don't know. It seems pretty deserted.'

They reached the door, and Dan reached out to turn the knob. Trixie looked over and noticed Di gripping on to Marts hand. She smiled slightly to herself. Then Dan flung the door open and there were loads of loud screeches.

Di screamed and Honey yelped. Trixie yelled at everyone to get down, and everyone jumped to the ground. Trixie rolled over to watch as the dozens of bats flew through the door. 

The last one flew away, and Trixie sighed. 

The friends stood up, brushing themselves.

'I think it's safe to say that this place is pretty empty.' Brian said.

'Apart from the bats.' Di whimpered, re-taking her place beside Mart.

Trixie caught site of Mart and Di again, and made a mental reminder to ask Mart about it later.

'So do we check it out  anyway?' Honey asked.

'May as well. In case there are any more clues.' Trixie answered simply.

The friends took a few steps through the door, and Trixie reached for her flashlight. She turned it on and flashed it around the room. It seemed pretty empty. Apart from the stacks and stacks of newspapers and a few old printing machines. 

'Di and I are going to go wait in the car.' Mart suddenly said. 

Trixie turned and frowned at him, knowing that he probably couldn't see her face due to the darkness. Even outside the sun had nearly set, and stars begun to dot the sky.

'Okay,'Brian and Jim said, a small amount of amusement filling their voices. 

They must have known something the other Bob-Whites didn't know.

'Keep an eye out for anyone.' Trixie added, turning back around to once again scan her surroundings.

The two left the factory.

'Whats going on with them?' Honey asked no one in particular.  

So she had noticed it too. Trixie thought. She stepped further into the room.

'Mart and Di have been getting very close lately.' Dan supplied.

'What do you mean?' Honey asked, puzzled.

Trixie continued to work her way further and further through the large stacks of newspaper.

'They're dating.' Brian finally said.

There was a sudden yelp from Trixie as she was knocked to the ground by a black figure. The figure had something it its hand. Something that gleamed silver in the moonlight. The figure raised it in the air and started to bring it down, fast. Trixie suddenly saw what it was and screamed. It was a knife.

'TRIXIE?' The 4 Bob-Whites yelled coming to her aid.

Before the friends reached Trixie, the figure had left.

'What happened?' Brian asked as Jim helped Trixie up.

Trixie looked around, shock taking over her face. She felt her stomach squelch.

'Lets just get out of here, i'll tell you in the car.' She said turning to leave. As she did she noticed the knife stuck into the ground with a piece of paper stuck securely under it. So that's what it had stabbed. She pulled a handkerchief from her pocket and pried the knife free. With the handkerchief-ed hand, she lifted the note from the ground.

Next time the knife will not be so off.

Wait for my next instructions.

And stop trying to find me.

Trixie's face drained of its colour. She looked around wildly, searching for any movement. But the only movement she could see was the rising and falling of her own chest. 

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