A Summer To Remember

Trixie Belden's life has changed since she has turned 18. Her brothers and Dan had gone away to college, Honey and Jim had moved, and Di had been given a scholarship at a different school. But when the rest of the group come back to visit the Bob-Whites suddenly find themselves knee deep in another mystery. And does Trixie have a new love? Book 1 of the Bob-Whites Summer series.


2. Say Something Intelligent

They found a nice place to lay their towels down on. They sat down admiring the beautiful crystal clear water. The two of them talked and talked nonstop never running out of things to say. But Trixie's eyes kept drifting over to Brenden. He was gorgeous. He was laughing and mucking around with his friends. She looked up at him for the 2385759407 time and caught him looking at her. Trixie blushed and quickly looked back at Honey. She looked at Brenden, 'Who is he?' She asked grinning. She had caught Trixie looking at him too.
'Brenden. He goes to my school.' Trixie said smiling.
'You like him?' Honey asked.
Trixie hesitated for a moment then sighed. 'He is really nice. We get along well..kind of. I haven't really talked with him much. I don't know. He is new. I don't really know what I feel. Maybe I have a crush?'
'Woah! Okay, give me a sec.' Honey suddenly got up.
'No, Honey what are you doing, Honey, HONEY COME BACK!' Trixie yelled. Gosh..i sounded like my mother. She thought.
She jumped up running after Honey. She was heading straight for the boys.
Oh. God. Trixie thought
She had reached Brenden and he had turned to talk to her. Trixie was so close to her now. She was about to tell him about her...oh no!
'HONEYY!' She yelled diving for Honey.
Trixie landed on her face in the sand at both Brenden and Honeys feet. Honey looked down at Trixie laughing kindly. She looked up, sand all over her, and could feel her face going red. Trixie quickly got up.
'I meant to do that.' She said simply and grabbed Honeys arm and lead her away. 'Honey what are you doing?!' Trixie asked.
She was still in shock. 'What the hell were you doing?!' She asked laughing. 'It looked like a scene out of an action movie. Anyone watching would have thought i was going to pull out a grenade and you were diving to stop me!'
Trixie closed my eyes. 'Oh god.'
Honey suddenly turned around heading back for Brenden.
'Honey!' Trixie raced after her and started walked along side her.
They came to Brenden's side again. He was with his friends sorting out teams for the next round of volleyball. He looked at Trixie/
'Hey' he said.
say something intelligent, say something intelligent Trixie thought to herself. 'My pa has a 6th toe.' she finally said.
Trixie heard Honey face palm. She closed her eyes. And squeezed them tight. 'I just ruined everything. STUPID!' she thought to herself.
He nodded 'that's cool.' Brenden laughed. 'Well, since your here would you like to play a game of volleyball with us?' He asked.
'YES!' Trixie yelled.
He nodded a little shocked at her enthusiasm. She just embarrassed herself to the max. Honey patted Trixie's back. She shook her head and went to find out her team.

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