A Summer To Remember

Trixie Belden's life has changed since she has turned 18. Her brothers and Dan had gone away to college, Honey and Jim had moved, and Di had been given a scholarship at a different school. But when the rest of the group come back to visit the Bob-Whites suddenly find themselves knee deep in another mystery. And does Trixie have a new love? Book 1 of the Bob-Whites Summer series.


11. Renuited

Trixie managed to sleep well after talking with Jim. She woke the next morning feeling refreshed and not as scared by what had happened.
'Honey, Dan and Di come today!' She said getting up and getting dressed.
'I know! Hopefully we can just have a fun time and forget about last night.'
Trixie agreed.
'Trixie Sargent Molinson is on the phone, he wants to talk to you!' Mr Belden yelled from down stairs.
She hurried down and took the phone call.
'Trixie, i'm just calling to inform you that the gunman regained consciousness last night while in the hospital and our men went over thisquestion him this morning. He said that he doesn't remember a thing. He doesn't know why he did what he did last night and was extremely confused when he woke up in the hospital.'
Trixie took this information in, 'Go on.'
'He said he would like to apologize to you and everyone at the cinema who got a fright. He is glad no one was hurt. We think that maybe someone had been.. controlling him some how. But we will continue looking into the case. I just wanted to let you know.'
'Thanks Sargent Molinson.' Trixie said into the phone.
'Bye Trixie.'
They hung up and Trixie headed up stairs to tell everyone about the call.

'He was controlled? How? That seems impossible..' Brian said frowning.
'I know. But why doesn't he remember a thing from last night?' Trixie asked.
'This is all so weird..' Honey added.
'Look guys, for once i think it is time to leave this up to the police. Let's just focus on having a good time when Dan and Di get here.' Trixie said getting up from Marts bed that she had been sitting on.
'Good plan.' Mart agreed straight away.
'How do we just.. forget what happened though?' Jim asked.
'Not forget, but put to the back of our minds. Until Sargent Mollison solves this think that's all we can do.' Trixie replied.
'The thing is, if you an Honey are still going to start up this 'Belden Wheeler Detective Agency' then that is the sort of things you will have to deal with. Do you girls really think you could handle going through something like that again?' Brian said.
Trixie and Honey looked at each other.
'If it involves helping people then i think we all know the answer.' Honey spoke for both of them. 'And we have been through alot before. Being kidnapped, legs and hands bound, Trixie has had a gun pointed at her a few times now.' Honey said remembering when they first met Jim and he had kept the gun on them not sure whether he could trust them.
Trixie smiled to herself. 'We have been through alot.'
'That is very true.' Brian agreed.
No one said anything for a minute.
'Lets go get something to eat!' Mart suddenly said.
'Classic Mart' Trixie said.
They all had a little laugh and headed down to the kitchen to get some breakfast.

Around 2 pm a car pulled up in the drive way. Trixie rushed outside followed by the other bob-whites. 2 people got out of the car.
'DI, DAN!' They shouted rushing to the car to greet them. They all embraced each other in big hugs and yelled excitedly.
Finally they were reunited as the official Bob-Whites again!

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