A Summer To Remember

Trixie Belden's life has changed since she has turned 18. Her brothers and Dan had gone away to college, Honey and Jim had moved, and Di had been given a scholarship at a different school. But when the rest of the group come back to visit the Bob-Whites suddenly find themselves knee deep in another mystery. And does Trixie have a new love? Book 1 of the Bob-Whites Summer series.


16. Easy Escape Out

Jim looked at Trixie. 'What do we do?'
'GET OUT OF THE CAR!' Brenden yelled.
Trixie didn't budge. She locked the door. Jim followed her lead. They leaned back to the back seat and locked the two back doors.
'The boot?' Trixie suddenly asked.
'You dive back and lock it quickly while i start the car.' Jim said.
Trixie took off her seat belt and slowly got onto her knees trying to look like she was still sitting so Brenden wouldn't know what she was going to do. The second Jim turned the key Trixie dived into the back seat and over the top to the boot. Someone charged for it diving from the other side to open it. Trixie reached forward and clicked the lock button. The boy pulled at the boot but it didn't budge. Jim revved the engine, warning Brenden and the boys to move.
Brenden smacked his hand on the window angrily. Jim Revved the engine again and Brenden stepped back.
'Alright boys, let them go. We will deal with them later.' Brenden said turning and walking away. The boys followed quickly. Trixie worked her way to the front of the car.
'Good work scaring them off.' Trixie said putting her seat belt on.
'Lets just get home.' Jim said turning the car around and heading for Crabapple farm.

It was later in the afternoon when they got back. The police had come and gone and the rest of the Bob-Whites were waiting out the front.
'What happened?' Di asked when Jim and Trixie walked up onto the porch.
They sat down on the step leaning against the pole and explained what happened we Brenden.
'What?!' Honey said in shock when she heard about Al Finlay.
'I know, they broke him out of Jail to 'do' something without us knowing. I can't quite piece it together.' Trixie sighed.
'The way i see it, Brenden and his friends are growing Marijuana with the help of Finlay. They broke him out of jail especially for that purpose' Brian said simply.
'But that is too simple. What about the shooting? And the gunman who claims not to know anything. He wasn't one of the boys in Brenden's gang. And Jim's car? Why did they tie Finlay up? And what will they do to him? And why grow it out here? How could they be growing it when Summer only just started and Brenden has been at school the whole time..? It just doesn't add up.' Trixie said deep in thought.
'Oh know, I can see her mind working, Shamus is back in business.' Mart said with a little chuckle.
Trixie grinned, 'Don't you mean the Bob-Whites are back in business?'

'I don't know how you talked us into this.' Dan said as the Bob-Whites crept along in the dark towards the track to Mr Maypenny's.
Trixie lightly punched him on the arm. 'You wanted to come, you know it. You can't deny that you love the thrill of this.'
'You're right there.' Dan confessed.
'Shhhh!' Mart said covering Trixie's mouth.
They stopped and listened. They could hear yelling coming from where the Marijuana bushes were. Mart removed his hand from Trixie's mouth and the smell of something burning hit her. She got a shock.
'What is that?!' She asked.
She could see thick smoke rising from deep in the bush.
'They are burning the Marijuana.' Brian said.
Trixie heard something to her right. She looked over to see Jim standing there beside her.
'What do we do?' He asked looking at Trixie.
She couldn't see his face since it was so dark but she could make out the outline of it.
'We need to get closer. But if we all go then we have more chance of getting caught. We need to see who is burning it so we can tell the police.' Trixie answered.
'Trixie i'm going with you.' Honey said straight away.
Trixie nodded, 'Everyone else, head back to the house, we will be back as soon as we see who it is.'
The others turned to head back.
Jim grabbed Trixie's hand, 'Be careful Trix.'
She squeezed his hand, 'I will.'
He turned letting go and Honey and Trixie headed for the fires.

'Trix, do you think It is Brenden?' Honey whispered.
'I don't know. Possibly. But i just have a funny feeling about it.'
Honey didn't say anything. They came to the edge of the bush and peered through the leaves.
The bushes of Marijuana were going up in flames and to the left stood a man Honey nor Trixie recognized yelling at someone from the other side of the flame. Trixie craned her neck to see who it was. She jumped back pulling Honey into the bush with her.
'What?!' Honey hissed.
Trixie ducked down into the bushes to hide, 'It was the gunman!'

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