A Summer To Remember

Trixie Belden's life has changed since she has turned 18. Her brothers and Dan had gone away to college, Honey and Jim had moved, and Di had been given a scholarship at a different school. But when the rest of the group come back to visit the Bob-Whites suddenly find themselves knee deep in another mystery. And does Trixie have a new love? Book 1 of the Bob-Whites Summer series.


13. Did He Do It?

'What is all this doing here?!' Di asked shocked.
Trixie stared in disbelief. 'Who would be growing Marijuana?'
Honey looked around and saw the wheel-barra that they used to get it in here. 'I bet all those other tracks lead to more bushes of it!'
'This makes no sense.' Brian said.
'Things just keep getting weirder and weirder..' Jim added.
'Do we tell Sargent Molinson?' Mart asked.
'We will, but right now i think we should visit Mr Maypenny, then when we get back I'll give him a call.' Trixie answered.
'We should check the other tracks.' Jim said quickly.
The others nodded in agreement. The tracks lead to other big bushes like Honey had thought.
'What is going on here?' Brian asked as they mounted their bikes, Jim and Brian walking now, and continued on their way to Mr Maypennys. 'This is ridiculous.'
'The gunman, Marijuana..' Mart trailed off.
'Do you think they all have some sort of connection?' Di asked.
'There is no connection i can see.' Jim said shaking his head.
'A man influenced to go on a crazy rampage, someone illeagily growing Marijuana, a hulligan stole Jim's car.. There are no connections yet that must be the only explanantion, that someone is behind all this..but who? and why?' Trixie said deep in thought.
'Have you heard from Brenden?' Brian suddenly asked.
Trixie shook her head. 'No, i haven't.'
'You said he was new..How new?' Jim asked catching on to what Brian was thinking.
'Umm a couple of months ago he transfured here.' Trixie frowned. 'You don't think that he...' She trailed off.
Brian shrugged, 'Maybe. We aren't saying anything.'
'But he is only 18, he couldn't be capable of all this!' Trixie argued.
'You know as well as i do that anyone is capable of anything. You have seen it first hand!' Jim protested.
Trixie sighed. 'You're right. We will look into it.'

Mr Maypenny was suprised to see Dan and the bob-whites arrive on his doorstep. 'It is so good to see you all!' He said happily.
'It is great to see you Mr Maypenny!' Honey said kindly.
'I have missed you all a great deal.'
Mr Maypenny led them inside his little cottage and got them all a drink.
'How have you been?' Jim asked him.
'I have been well. But how have you all been? You are all growing up so fast.' He said looking at them and seeing how different they all looked.
'Great.' They all said smiling.
'So how has College been Dan?' Mr Maypenny asked.
Dan nodded, 'Good. I have settled in well and i am quite enjoying it.'
'And Di, how is your new school?'
Di smiled, 'It is great, but i do miss the bob-whites and all these mysteries.'

They stayed catching up with Mr Maypenny for a good hour before deciding it was time to head back.
'It has been great seeing you again, we will be over to visit again soon!' Dan promised.
And then once again they were off, heading back for crabapple farm to call Sargent Milonson about their discovery.

'Yes bushes and bushes of it!' Trixie said into the reciver.
'Okay we will be right over to check it out.' Sargent Molinson hung up the phone.
'Okay you all go meet the police and show them the way, I have to go do something.' Trixie said after re joining the group in the lounge room.
'What exactly are you doing Trix?' Brian asked.
'I want to go pay Brenden a little visit.' Trixie said.
'I'm coming with you.' Jim said straight away.
Trixie nodded, 'Okay, everyone else wait for the police.'

Trixie and Jim had to explain to Mrs and Mr Belden what exactly was going on but eventually Mr Belden allowed Jim to use his car to go visit Brenden.
They were off straight away.
'What are you hoping for Trix?' Jim asked.
'That i can get him to slip up or find something to suggest he is behind it.' Trixie replied.

They pulled up out the front of Brenden's house 20 minutes later. Trixie went to open the car door when Jim's hand flew out and stopped her. She paused looking up to see Brenden sneaking out of the window down the side of the house. He looked to the left and then right then hurried along towards the school.
'Quick, we have to follow him!' Trixie jumped out of the car followed by Jim and the two of them hurried after Brenden.

They followed him right to a deserted, quiet part of town. He suddenly turned left down a allyway.
'Quick!' Trixie whispered.
She looked down the ally way but he was no where to be seen. Trixie frowned looking around. 'Where is he...?'
Trixie and Jim spun around to see Brenden staring at them angrily.

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