Hanging by a thread

Everyone Has scars they don't want to talk about. Mines just on my body and in my head. I paint a pretty picture, but with a twist. My paint brush is a razor, my canvas is my wrist. I paint a pretty picture. In a color that's blood red. My mind is the razor, and my wrist is my heart. If you don't understand my silence, you won't understand my words. I look at my cuts, burns and bruises I gave to myself. Each one was a battle I lost with myself. To you this might not make since, but for you you will understand. Words hurt i have the scars to prove it. I have one question for you though. How many more people have to die to realize bullying leads to death? One thing I don't know yet, but will soon find out is Happiness can be found even in the darkest of time. *One Direction fanfiction*


3. Goodbye world

   He shoved me aginsed the lockers. "Whats up ugly" he asked me. he chuckled to himself. I looked back at his four friends for help. also known as Niall, Zayn, Liam, and Louis. "why you looking at my mates? desprte one arent ya" he said. i scoffed. "Were you born on the hallway? because thats where most acidents happen". i finnialy stuck up for myself. i started to walk away. Harry grabbed my arm and jerked me back. "What did you just say to me" he hissed. "You heard me" i replyed. "your going to pay" he growled. "Okay! hit me! kick me! do whatever you please Styles. I am done with you and your bull shit. this is the last day you will ever make fun of me" i spoke. It felt so good to get that off my chest. thats intill i felt a hard hit on my face. i stumbled backwords. I looked up to see Harry staring over me. "Scared yet" he tauned. i but on my bravest face and looked him dead in the eyes. "No" i awnsered him. The last thing i saw was a blury smirk on that boys face.

   I woke up in the clinic. I had aan icepack on my left jaw. i sat up. "ugh" i groaned. "another tuff day sweetheart" Mrs.George asked. i knodded. "im going back to class" i said. "Okay hun, we are in 5th period here is your pass" she handed me a blue peice of paper with wrighting on it. with that i went to class.

   I opproched my history class. i opened the door. i walked to the techer. students chuckled when they saw the purple bruise on my left jaw. "Thank you ms.Carder, hey what happened to you"? my teacher Mr.Lenard asked. he was quite the tall man. he was 6'9 with short black hair. "I rathe not talk about it sir" i replyed. "Okay, go take your seat" he demanded. So i did. Wrose part about this class, i sat next to Harry. Though, unlike useual he did not make fun of me.                                                        

                                                                        * * * 

   The final bell rang. i rushed out the door. I started walking. i finnialy found a bench on the sidewalk. i opened my backpack. i pulled out my razor. i zipped up my backack and put it back on my back. i pushed the razor on my wrist. all my mental pain was replaced with pysical. blood dripped down my arm. i made several slips on both arms. i walked down the street bleeding. i soon saw what i came for. the bridge. I dont now how to swim, so this would be the perfect death for me. dont get me wrong i dont want to die, i just want my pain to end. threw my backpack over my shoulder. I looked out in the water. I looked over my life. tears came to my eyes. Im Alex Carder, a broken girl. Soon, t be just a legend. I threw the razor hard on the ground. i walked closer the the edge of the bridge. i stood up on the railing. "STOP" i heard a scream behind me. I looked to see Harry? "What the hell do you want" i hissed. "Dont do it" he said. "Why? im not perfect, im not pretty im not worth the space. im not intellagent. how do i know these things? because thats all you would say. im a attention whore. i should just kill myself, well here i am making your wish come true" i spat. "I did not men those things im sorry" he pleaded. "it is too late for sorry. i rolled up the sleves of my sweater and shirt. "SEE? you caused this! you made my life hell!" i yelled at him. tears were now freeley streaing down my face. i looked back to the water. "dont worry you will never have to worry about me again" i said. "Wait-" he started but it was too late. i jummped into the stream of the river. after a minute me hole world turned black. I am free! no more pain! no more Harry. goodbye world 


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