Hanging by a thread

Everyone Has scars they don't want to talk about. Mines just on my body and in my head. I paint a pretty picture, but with a twist. My paint brush is a razor, my canvas is my wrist. I paint a pretty picture. In a color that's blood red. My mind is the razor, and my wrist is my heart. If you don't understand my silence, you won't understand my words. I look at my cuts, burns and bruises I gave to myself. Each one was a battle I lost with myself. To you this might not make since, but for you you will understand. Words hurt i have the scars to prove it. I have one question for you though. How many more people have to die to realize bullying leads to death? One thing I don't know yet, but will soon find out is Happiness can be found even in the darkest of time. *One Direction fanfiction*


4. Breath

   my vision became lighter. my eyes were still closed, but i could see light. i tried to open my eyes but they didn't even budge. so, i stopped trying. i soon realized someone was holding my hand. it was an hand, i cant recognize. it was large and warm. all of a sudden i felt myself gasping for air. my back arched. i could hear myself gasping. trying to get air. the hand was ripped apart from mine. i heard a scream "no"! before once again i faced the dark.


    The dark was once again replaced by the light. The different thing from last time was, my eyes opened. I saw my mom sitting in a chair beside me looking out the window. "mom" my shaky voice said. she looked at me. she crushed me in a bear hug. She placed her hand on my left cheek. "Don't ever do that again baby. Im sorry. I was so cought up in my dreams for you, and not what you wanted. I am sorry. you are good enough. You are my precious baby girl. And your father, he would of done so much better than me. and he did. I love you" she explained. a tear slipped down her cheek. "I love you too mom" i replyed. i hugged her. i accualy felt loved. "A boy from your school has been here everyday. right by yourside. for the hole week you were out. he would like to see you. ill eave you two alone" mom explained. I kodded understandably. She grabbed her purse. she kissed my head and walked out.

   Harry popped up at the door. great. i dont have the energy to fight him. He sat down next  to me. i turned my head so i faced him. "can i help you" my voice was barley a whisper. "I should have never left you when you needed me most. and for bullying you. i just wanted to fit in." he explained. "Thats bullshit Harry. we both know that." i replied. he took a deep breath and sighed. "I know" he whispered. "What happened between me and taylor, was between us. not all three of us. Harry, you both were my best friends. You both left me in the dust" i shivered at the thought of it. "I realize it as all a mistake now. I don't want taylor. i want you" he said.  "Harry, how am i supposed to trust you anymore do you see what i did to myself. you were the cause" i replied. Harry stood up and started screaming at me. " did not fucking cause it! Your dad did! your dad killing himself did!" "get out" i demanded. "I did not mean that alex i-" he started. "Just get out" i said. he hung his head and left.

   Your probably wonder what happened. well ill explain it to you.

                                                                   *3 years ago*

   Harry came back from the x-factor. we have been friends sense we were little. Taylor swift, i meet in 1st grade. we were the 3 best friends. Taylor and Harry started to date. i did not see them much anymore. I had both of my parents then. my dad was a website designer at home. i was fixing myself a sandwich. i went to my dads office to see if he wanted one. when i got there, blood was stained on the floor. my dad had a bullet in his head, and a gun in his lifeless hand. I called 911 and my mother. they hospital renounced him dead. by that time we were all over he news. i was in my room crying my eyes out. taylor and harry walked into my room holding hands. harry came over and hugged me. "You know alex. i thought you were pretty cool now your a loser! you dad killed himself! hahah" taylor said. she sat their and laughed at me. "come on harry leave the dadless hoe alone" taylor stated. harry looked me in the eyes. "lets go Harold" taylor fussed. so harry got up and left. from that day on they always made fun of me.


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