Lexi Horan is abused by her brother Niall Horan and he got the rest of one direction to beat her too. How long will this go on?


3. Fighting

                                                                             Lexi's POV

We left from Dover because they had a little gig before the tour and then we went to Inverness. They had their first concert there tonight. They were sold out. People love them so much. When we got there we set up and then they had time to relax. All the boys started playing video games and I went into a room by myself. I heard a knock at the door. "Come in." I called. Harry walked in."Hey Harry!" "Hey Lexi, I need to talk to you." "OK shoot" "well I talked to Niall and he said he would stop abusing you." "Oh really. I had no idea." Good thing he believed me because I'm not the best liar."Yea I told him that all of us didn't like what he was doing and that you are his sister." "That's sweet you stood up to him for me. Thank you." "no problem." We starred into each others eyes for about a minute and then he started leaning in. What! He's leaning in what do I do. Before I knew it I was leaning in and then we kissed. I felt sparks flying every where. I didnt hear any one come in."Hey Harry are you com-". Oh shit it was Niall. "dude it's not what it looks like." By this time all the boys were in here. "Oh really, so you weren't just sucking faces with my sister!!" "Nia-" Niall cut him off. "I told you, you cant date my sister." "I'm not dating her." "That also means you can't kiss her." "Niall your over reacting." Nice move Liam now hes really mad. "No I'm not. He cant date my sister." "since when have you been protective over her." I'm glad Zayn's on my side but really. Niall just huffed and left the room. 


                                                                    Harry's POV


That kiss was awesome!! I always wanted to do that but Niall wouldn't let me. I can't believe I did that. I really want her to be my girlfriend but Niall is all of the sudden over protective. I wonder what's wrong with him. Maybe I should talk to him but not right now he needs to cool down.

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