Luke's ripping us Apart with 5SOS

This is about a girl named Ally who gets kicked out after a fight then goes to the 1D concert she didn't know 5SOS was the opening act then Ashton talks to her and they start a spark will Luke interfere with there love WILL THE BAND BE TORN APART?
read the story to find out :) Alot of grammar mistakes sorry :( But enjoy :) Sort of Violent


3. Shelter and a helping hand

Ally's P.O.V

Finally 1D had came on and I felt as if it was over in 5 seconds I waited for everyone else to clear out cause I knew there was no hurry anyways. As it cleared I started to walk out trying not to cry a boy from the opening act ran behind me he yelled wait up. He started to speak "Sorry Um hey I'm Ashton I saw you in the front row and I just wanted to tell you that your beautiful." I couldn't help it I broke down my mascara ran and he asked me "Whats wrong?' I'm so sorry it's just well no never mind you probably don't want to hear about my problems. "No wait tell me what's wrong" Well before the concert my dad called me beautiful like my mom and then we got in a big argument about her and in the end he kicked me out cause I'm 18 and he can. He started to speak "Well won't your mom care that he kicked you out?" I started crying so loud. "What did I say?" My mom died of cancer over a year ago. Oh I'm s-so sorry. It's ok It's just I don't have anywhere to stay well our tour bus isn't the best but you can stay there. Thank you whats your name again? Ashton you can call me Ash if you want though. Thank you Ashton I hugged him I think he was in shock. Well we probably should start walking to the bus they are probably wondering where I am.Okay I said with a smile on my face.

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