Life Of Darcy Styles

Awesome Friends.
Super Star.
Not Normal 8 Year Old.
The Life Of Darcy Ann Styles...


5. America

McKenzie's POV

Is Darcy out of her mind? Somebody tell me! How could she leave London and why did I come? This is what I get for trying to be a good friend. I wonder how Darcy is suppose to buy us a house. After walking for hours we found a five star hotel. Darcy just walked in and we don't have any pounds to give. I just sat in the waiting area only to be pushed off my someone. I took the seat next to me not realizing someone was there. Next chair , no chair. Okay sitting on the floor instead.

I saw Darcy talking to a man. It looked like she gave him some pounds. Guess so.

"Room 789" Darcy smiled and skipped to the elevator. I soon found room 789 and took the key from Darcy.I stuck it inside the hole an  turned it revealing a beautiful house. 

"Kenzieeee I called the first room!" "Oh and did you bring clothes?" Darcy added.

"Knowing you Darcy, Yes yes I did." I stated walking to my room with Aurora in my hands.I sat on my bed just staring. My IPhone started ringing. Caller ID: Daddy Payne.

( L= Liam Payne MK= McKenzie)


MK: Um.. America....With Darcy...

L: MCKENZIE! How could you just?!

MK: Daddy I'm sorry. You know what Darcy is going through! I know that doesn't give me any rights to leave the country...but she is my best friend...

L: Well you girls are on -

MK: Daddy we aren't on the streets , Darcy brought some pounds. We are in a five-star hotel.Daddy please.

L: Your aunt , Ruth will watch you and Darcy.

MK: Secretly?

L: Yes please don't get hurt.Just because someone is watching you does not mean , be crazy

MK: Okay bye love you!

Then I hung up. I turned my head and saw Darcy in tears.

"YOU ANNOYING,SNITCHING, BRITISH FREAK!" She ran and left. I ran after her. At the moment the streets were very busy. A bus came and Darcy jumped right in front of it.

I tried to save her.... BLACK! 

"MCKENZIE AND DARCY! OH MY!" A familiar British accent filled the air.


Who's accent was it? -Maya


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