10 years {Niall Horan fanfiction}

Faith is 26 but she still remember the day like it was yesterday. The day she cried her heart out, the day she lost the last possibility to tell him the three words "I love you". It's 10 years since now but his face is still printed in her mind, his laugh, the blue eyes and the voice. The beautiful voice. Not just because he's in the most popular band in the whole world but because he was her bestfriend and the first boy she fell in love with. She couldn't get him out of her mind, she just couldn't.

One day she bump into him in the street, just like that.

Would he remember her?
Or would he just walk by like she was a complete stranger?

And what will he chose?
The girl, or the fame?



2. Childhood.


"Come on Faith the movie is starting now!" - Niall yelled to Faith there was making popcorn. "I'm coming I'm coming!" - Faith yelled back as she grabbed the bright yellow bowl there was standing on the kitchen table.
She jumped down from the little chair she was standing on and ran into the living room where Niall was sitting.

"Why didn't you wait?" - Faith asked.
"You know how much I love Cinderella..." - She continued while trowing popcorn after Niall. "Hey don't waste them like that!" - He almost yelled.
"You know how much I love food..." - He continued and acted all drama queen.
They both began laughing and Faith sat on the sofa next to Niall.
"Hey Faith?" - Niall whispered.
 "Shhh Niall I am watching the movie!" - Faith whispered back.
"It's just.. I have made you a drawing
"  - He continued.
"All righty then. Just let me pause the movie." - Faith said and paused the movie.
Niall handed Faith the drawing and she folded it out. 

It was a drawing of Faith and Niall.
Niall had drawn himself and Faith like matchstick men and they were holding hands.
He had also written "Faith and Niall" in that "little boy" way and drawn a little heart beside.
Or tried to.
"You are my best friend Faith. You will always be"

*End of flashback* 



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