Daisy's Life.. Well Was...

In fall of 1963 school was just starting and Daisy just started high school. Not long before Mr, Harry Styles came in and brought her from her family and now she has to do whatever he says or more bruises and other bad things will come up.


1. Daisy!

Daisy! Daisy! Daisy! That's what everyone calls me. But my mum and dad call me Hannah. I don''t really know why but I go by Daisy to everyone else. I'm a nerd, I had to say that. I'm a nerd but with style. I have red hair, green eyes, i wear glasses but when I'm taking pictures  I take them off. I think I look more cute with out them. 


 Tomorrow is my first day of high school. I'm scared to go. I guess I'm scared that I'll get lost Or scared of what is going to happen this school year. Last school year wasn't the best. My dad lost his job so over the summer we've been struggling to pay bills and keep the house and buy food. But my dad said that him and my mum has a way to get caught up on the bills and to keep the house. 

Can't wait to see what it is. Daddy probably got a good job, so there's nothing else to worry about. 

Their going to tell me during dinner tomorrow.All I have to do is get through the first day of school.  

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