Titanium ~Niall Horan love story~

When Amber's mom dies some how Niall Horan ends up helping Amber.


2. Meeting The Unexpected

    When I woke up, I saw Angel eating her food.  I looked out the window, the ground was covered in a thick blanket of snow.  I got off the couch and headed up stairs and got changed into my skinny jeans, striped long-sleeved shirt, and brown boots.  I straightened my hair and put my snap back on.  I applied my mascara and lip gloss.     I headed back downstairs and ate a apple and some water.  After I ate, I grabbed my keys, got in my car, and started it up.  I decided that I was going to go take a little walk in the city.    When I got there, I parked my car in a parking garage and walked down to the street.  I walked around seeing some of the most talented people ever playing instruments.  It made me remember when I used to want to be famous and have the perfect life.     When it was getting dark, I walked to the car garage until someone tapped my back,"Miss."   I turned around to see who it was, but it was not who I expected.  I expected a elderly man, but instead it was Niall Horan.  I was shocked and tried not to scream.     "You dropped this", he said handing me my wallet.  I smiled, "Thank you."   "Your welcome.  Nice to meet you.  I'm Niall. You are?", he spoke in a thick Irish accent.   "Im Amber.  Nice to meet you too.", I replied with a huge grin.  He handed me a slip of paper.   "You seem nice.  Call me some time.  I would love to get to know you.", He smiled cheekily.     "I will.", I replied, then we said our goodbyes as I got in my car.  I drove home just remembering that Niall Horan gave me his number.  Niall Horan from the world famous band, One Direction.  I was just speechless.   When I got home, I looked at the number, "Niall :) : 333-229-0101 Call me" I smiled and pulled my iPhone out and texted the number 'Hey it's Amber, the one that dropped her wallet.  Text me back when you get a chance.xx'  Just seconds after texting him, he replied back,  'Oh hey Amber, so nice to hear from you.  I know this sounds awkward but can I come over?  I want to get to know you more.x'. I started blushing.  Niall picked me out of like a billion other girls. Wow!  'Yeah of coarse.  I live two blocks down from Starbucks in the caramel colored house.  See you then.x'. About 5 minute later someone knocked on my door.  He didn't look like Niall.
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