Those Brown Eyes...

Blurb Isabella (Bella) Lawrence is a girl from America... She went on a vacation to Australia where she went out clubbing to celebrate her 18th birthday. Where she met 18 year old Luke Brooks, ditching her small group of friends she had made. Later on things got physical between Luke and Bella. Which led to a one night stand. But what happens when Bella gets pregnant and leaves out of fear?


3. Meeting Him

3. Meeting Him 

(Luke's POV) 

I was a nervous wreck, I stood at the airport with Beau and Jai waiting for Isabella and Noah. I started to pace. 
"Can you explain to me how your feeling?" Jai said I turned to him he had his phone out 
"Are you Keeking?" I asked he nodded 
"You didn't tell did you?" I asked 
"Well I've got Keeks saved for when you do tell." He says I nodded 
"Well just restart that one.." He says he points his phone at me once more 
"How do you feel?" He asked 
"Nervous excited... Fucked up.." I said he chuckled 
"Better watch your mouth now..." He said 
The announcement came on telling us they had arrived I gulped... 
Minutes passed before I saw a teenage girl with a baby carrier, I walked forwards 
"Isabella?!" I called over the chatter she looked my way. She walked forwards Jai and Beau came over taking their luggage and filming I kneeled down to the baby carrier she set down on the airport floor. 
I looked at the sleeping baby boy, so adorable. I felt a tear come to my eye. 
"What's wrong?" Jai asked filming 
"He's so beautiful." I said I picked up the carrier so Isabella didnt have to carry anything it was silence all the way to the car we got in Jai turned in his seat
"So do you breast feed or....?" He asked 
"I breast feed because I couldn't really afford anything else." She said
"Yum" Beau said she looked at him blushing he chuckled 
"Sorry, that's Beau." I said 
"I know who he is" she said smiling I smiled 
"So what else do I need to know?" I asked 
"I need to teach you how to change a diaper." She said 
"Haha!" Beau said 
"Shut up Beau. You don't even know how to tie your shoes" I said 
"Oi fuck off" Beau said Jai swatted his chest 
"Baby on board." He said I looked at Isabella she raised her brows at me I mouthed a sorry.
The drive back the house was awkward I was lightly rubbing Noah's soft cheeks when he woke up he saw me and started crying, I didn't know what to do! Isabella took care of it though. I couldn't help but feel like shit. What could I possibly do to help? 

When we arrived at the house I carried Noah inside in the carrier. 
"Mom! We're home!" Beau called putting his car keys in his pocket. We walked into the living room, I put Noah on the table my mom came out with her hair tied back she walked around 
"Let me see the precious boy" she said I smiled Isabella took him put of the carrier he was wearing a cute little blue onesie. He had short brown slightly curly hair like me and he also had my eyes. 
My mom marveled at him, smiling and she also started to cry. Isabella cradled Noah. 
"Would you like to hold him?" She asked my mom nodded. Isabella gently placed Noah in her arms.
"Oh Luke it's like holding you again, he looks just like you" she said I chuckled 
"Hey and me" Jai says Isabella giggles. She looks back at me I smiled at her she smiled back. 
"Oh what that smell it smells like shit." Beau said 
"Beau." Mom warns he covers his mouth 
"Sorry I forgot, where's Lala I think she crapped" he says 
"It's probably Noah" Isabella says I nodded to Beau. 
"How about those diaper changing lessons Luke?" She asked I chuckled
"Uh ok" I said hesitantly she took what looked like a duffle bag and Mom put Noah back in her arms. I led her to the bathroom. 
I watched as Isabella set up a little mat I squished it it was like gel. 
"Nice" I said she took out a diaper wipes and baby powder. 
She laid Noah down and took off his onesie, she took off his diaper and it was like full of shit. I plugged my nose. She walked over to the trash can and threw it out. 
"Ok, now take out a baby wipe and clean his bum and other area" she said 
"Really? I thought this was just gunna be like a ride along type thing...." I said she giggled 
"Nope, it's your actual lesson. Now grab a wipe and do it." She said I grabbed a wipe and cleaned both areas. 
"Good, now put on the baby powder." She said I looked at her 
"I don't know how." I said 
"Here I'll show you." She says she walks over and put some in her hands and rubs it into his bum and genital area. I watched un comfortably. 
She handed me the diaper. 
"Now, put this on." She said she turned on the tap and washed her hands. I did the diaper from all the knowledge I had from watching films like "Life As We Know It". Turns out I did it perfectly. 
I picked up Noah and held him above my head and looked into his eyes he started to smile and giggling. 
"I think he likes me." I said 
"Maybe." She said I watched as she put his onesie on. She handed him to me I cradled him in my arms. She packed up her duffle and I led her to Beau's room aka our new room, Beau would have to share with Jai now. 
"My mom set up Beau's old crib." I said Isabella nodded and put the duffle down at the end of the crib. I gently laid Noah in it, looking down at him standing beside Isabella I felt a sense of love, I wasn't just part of my family containing Me, Beau, Jai and my mom I had my own family now. I put my hand on the edge of the crib, touching Isabella's we looked at each other she blushed I did as well. 
"Sorry" I said she smiled 
"No problem." She said I leaned in and pecked her cheek. 
"Thanks for trying" I said 
 "Trying what?" She asks 
"You didn't abort him. Most girls our age when they get pregnant do that." I said 
"I wouldn't just end his life." She said 

"Luke, Isabella! Dinner!" Beau called that was the moment I smelt food. 
"Does he...?" I asked gesturing to Noah 
"No" she said she set up something that looked like a white Walkie talkie beside his crib and took on. We walked into the kitchen she put it on the counter. 
"Is that a Walkie talkie?" Jai asked 
"No it's a baby monitor, idiot" Beau said 
"Shut up dickhead." Jai said they swatted each other until mom stopped them handing out plates of delicious looking food.

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