Those Brown Eyes...

Blurb Isabella (Bella) Lawrence is a girl from America... She went on a vacation to Australia where she went out clubbing to celebrate her 18th birthday. Where she met 18 year old Luke Brooks, ditching her small group of friends she had made. Later on things got physical between Luke and Bella. Which led to a one night stand. But what happens when Bella gets pregnant and leaves out of fear?


4. Hope You Dont Mind

4. Hope You Don't Mind

(Luke's POV) 

After dinner we all sat and watched a movie, it was 12am before we all headed to bed. Beau didnt mind bunking with Jai he said he'd rather it than be alone. 
"Oh shit, I hope you don't mind sharing a bed... I mean I could go on the couch if you do." I said she waved me off. 
"It's fine, it's not like I'm a virgin." She joked I smirked we walked into the bedroom we both changed back to each other into pajamas. We each kissed Noah's forehead before crawling in bed.
Isabella and I laid in the bed our backs to each other. Awkward tension? I don't know but whatever it was made us like magnets,  the sides that deny connecting, I hoped it wouldn't be this awkward for long, I mean I thought Isabella was really nice. 
"Luke?" She whispered 
"Do you think we'll be ok?" She asked 
"Yeah, we'll be ok. I'm here now, I'm gunna protect you and Noah." I said 
"I like the sound of that" she said 
"Good." I said I shut my eyes and fell asleep to the soft sounds of Isabella breathing. 

The next morning.....

I woke up and walked into the bathroom brushing threw my hair and styling it so the blue part was crossing across, I got dressed in black skinny jeans black fans and a white shirt with a light blue zip-up jumper I brushed my teeth in the bathroom and walked back into the bedroom I picked up Noah and smelt for a dirty diaper. Yep he had one. I put the diaper at over my shoulder and carried him to the bathroom, I changed his diaper with one and as I Keeked. I was careful not to show any private parts. After I was done I changed him into a cute red onesie. I walked down the steps and greeted the family. 
"Can I hold him?" Beau asked getting up from the couch 
"Yeah, where's Isabella?" I asked 
"The kitchen, she's moms new favorite." Beau said I put Noah in his arms his tickled his cheek 
"Hello, hello" he said in a baby voice everyone always uses. 
I sat down beside Jai on he couch when I heard it my heart stopped 
"Hey guys!" It was Daniel's voice I gulped looking at Beau he looked at me. 
"What do we do?!" He whisper yelled at me I shrugged 
"Boys?" Daniel says he walks into the room and sees Noah. 
"Who's the baby?" He asked 
"Skip... Sit down ok?" I said he nodded sitting 
"I know you won't believe me but that baby... Is mine." I said he stayed silent and then laughed
"You must think I'm stupid." He said 
"No Skip really that's my son, his name is Noah Anthony Lawrence-Brooks" I said 
"Ok then where's the mother?" He asked 
"Isabella!" I called
Isabella walked from the kitchen she saw Skip. 
"Oh shit" she said 
"Wait! Your real which means..." He turns to me 
"Your a father!" He yelled Noah started to cry I cradled him but it wasn't working Isabella took him and left the room. 
"You clearly don't know shit." He said 
"Shut up skip." I said he sat down 
"Your a dad Luke! Congrats!" He said sticking out a hand for a high five. 
"Yeah, except he doesn't know who I am." I said 
"He will, don't worry..." He says this is almost the first time I've seen Daniel actually serious 
"Now where's your Lahme?!" He asked nevermind...

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