I'm your's

Today I ran away. I ran away from everything. I ran away from my bullies, my mean foster parents, i just...ran. I think part of this is because I needed to find my brother. My brother also happens to be Louis Tomlimson.


3. First kiss

     Olivia's P.O.V

After that day Louis found me my life hasn't been what you would call normal.  I can't go out anywhere because of paps. I'm not going to school anymore because once the boy's and mom found out about me being bullied I wasn't aloud to go back. Which is fine by me. My life is crazy. I mean how many girls can say that they are living whith One Direction? Well not for much longer. The boy's have to go back on tour soon. That's going to be a sad day because they are my onley friend's.

     Over the week's I have been here I have started to notice how big of a crush on Liam I have. I know we are never going to be together because I don't think he like's me back but it's worth a shot.

     Liam's P.O.V

Today I am going to ask Louis if he would mind if I asked Olivia out on a date. Over the few week's that I have known her I have grown a really big crush on her. I mean REALLY big. Louis told us about her past which isn't the best. But I'm willing to hels her. All the boy's know everything about her. And she know's everything about us. Which is really cool. Well better go ask Louis.

     Louis's P.O.V

I'm just chilling in my room when I hear a knock at the door. "Come in" And in walk's Liam. "He lou can I talk to you?" "Sure" I replied. "So over the few week's that I've known Olivia I have grown a really big crush. Do you think I could ask her out on a date?" "Awwwww little Liam has a crush on my sister. And sure, just don't hurt her she has been though a lot." I said. "I know lou and thanks." With that he walked out of the room. Oh god if this goes down hill I will kill him"

     Olivia's P.O.V

As I walk into the living room I see Liam. Oh god he's beautiful. "Hey Olivia can I talk to you?"
"Yeah sure" I replied. We both both got up and walked into my room. "So what is it?" I asked. "Well I was wondering if you wanted to go ona date tonight?" Wait did he just ask me out? "Yeah sure" I said in a normal voice but inside I was screaming. "Okay be ready at seven. And nothing to fancy." "Okay" I said. Once he walked out of the room I atarted jumping and doing a l.ittle happy dance. I can not believe he just asked me out.

     It was around four once I started getting ready. I took a quick shower and started putting my makeup on. Just normal. I curled my hair and wasdone with that. I looked trough my stuff and pulled out my flowery dreww that comes down to my knees. It wasn't to much but it was perfect. By the time I was done it was 6:54. I grabbed my black TOMS and was ready to go. When I walked down the hall I could see all the boy's. Well everyone but Liam guess he was still getting ready. "AWW someone got a date" Louis shouted. "Yes Louis" "And who might it be with" Harryu asked "That would be me" I turned around to see Liam standing there. He looked really cute in khaki pants, blue shirt, and white supris. "Ready to go love?" "Yep" I said "You to have fun now but Liam, get my sister knocked up and I'll kill you." Louis said being the over protected brother he is. "Okay lou" Liam said with a laugh. And we were off. I didn't ask where we were going. We dorve there in slince. But it wasn't akward. It was nice. "Here we are" Liam said quickly jumping out of that car to get to my side and open the door. When I got out I saw a beautiful medow. He grabbed my hand and went to the middle of the medow. We set down and started talking. "Wow it's beautiful out here" I said " Yeah almost as beautiful as you"  I blushed. "So wanna play 20 questions?" "Sure" I said


"First kiss"

"Haven't had it yet, Favorite color"

"Blue, Favorite member of One Direction"

"You or Louis, Your first kiss"

"Haven't had it yet"

     "Wait you haven't had your first kiss yet?" i asked "No I've been waiting on the right girl, and I think I found her." With that we were both leaning in. When his lips touched my I felt sparks. When we pulled away I s=could cee lust in his eyes. "Best first kiss ever" He said with a laugh. The rest of the date we just layed there. When it was time to leave we both got up and started walking. But I was stoped by Liam tugging on my arm " Olivia I know we have only known each other for a few week's but I really like you. And I was wondeing. Will you be my girlfriend?" I was so shocked. "Yes"

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