Punk Direction

Hello lads and loves... My name is Alexis White! My friends call me Alex and i am 17 years old... I've done some things that im not proud of. My parents, teachers, everyone im around, thinks i have a bad attitude.... i almost killed someone because i wouldn't stop punching them. Now my parents think i need " help. " The only people I'll talk to is Christy, Am, Garriyn. But when these group of new guys come to our school... lets say they helped us but then started turning on us at some points.... read to find out more


7. Wild party!! part 2


This Party was clearly not going to stop. When i saw what the cops said on the news, i was very happy. " Alex! Grant! Lets go up stairs for a minute! " They nodded in agreement and told the lads they would be right back. We went to Harry's room and locked the door behind us, but we saw two ppl in there. " Um what the fuck? You cant be in these rooms." Alex said. " Then why are you here?" The guys asked. " We own the house dip shit now leave." I said getting annoyed. They said sorry and left. " So what's up?" Garriyn asked. " What if that guy comes over here. The guys Alex talked to." They shrugged and Alex said she would be right back. " Ok." Garriyn and i said in sync. We looked out the window and that guys was coming over with a baseball bat in his hand. " Fuck! " We ran down stairs and Alex was heading toward him. We went to find the lads.


" What the fuck man, why are you even over here and with a baseball bat?" He stopped a few feet in front of me. " I want some sleep! And anyone who gets in my way im going to hit them with this bat! I'm going to break your boom boxes." " Well.... your not going to do that sir." The next thing i knew i ran at him and we started fighting right there. I punched him in the gut and kneed him a few times, but he punched me really hard across the face. He then picked up the bat and hit it across my stomach and back. The girls came and they basically had the same results. " GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!" I yelled but when he was about to answer five figures went running at him and beat him. Then a another figure was above us. " Are you alright?!" It was a girls voice. I didn't answer i was holding my stomach. After a few minutes the other five figures came to us. all three of us were awake but not answering. I guess they picked us up and carried us to a room. After a few minutes i got up. They left the girls were sleeping. " Might as well get more drunk to get rid of this pain!" I said to myself. i drank 4 bottles of beer before i went to party with random people.


The lads and are were swimming in the pool when we saw the girls come running out. " Lads! Alex is going to the guys she cussed out earlier. He has a bat!" " One sec girls." I told them and went to tell the lads. " Lads we need to go out front now!" They quickly got out and we headed out front to see all the girls on the ground. When he was about to take another swim at one of them we pinned him down and beat the crap out of him. When we were done with him we walked over to the girls to see if they were ok. Some girl was trying to see if they were alright but they didn't answer. We carried them to Harry's room and we left to see what else was going on. Everyone was enjoying them selves.

30 minutes later

While the lads and i were dancing there was something going on near the pool area. Some guy and girl were dancing.... is that Alex?! " Lads that looks like Alex." " I know, lets get closer to see for sure." Liam said. We did and it was her. " Alex?!" She just looked at us and stopped dancing with the guy. We told her to come over to us, she followed us up to Zayn's room. "What are you doing?" " Dancing obviously. is someone jealous?" She said winking at us. She was very drunk she couldn't even stand in one place. " Your just very drunk that's why you are acting like this. Your going to get a huge hangover and your going to feel the pain from the bat tomorrow." Louis tried to explain to her. " Who cares, you guys just jealous you aren't dancing with me." " What will make you just stop?" She thought a moment. " All of you just have fun and dance with me?" We looked to each other and said. " Fine only for a little bit." She was happy and we all danced together.


We danced for a really long time but eventually the cops gave up and left because things were a lot quieter, and people were just about gone. i helped the lads clean up and then we went to bed. I just fell asleep on the couch.

The next day. . .

The lads were on other furniture in the living room with me when i woke up. I moved a little and i kinda screamed a little bit. Harry woke up. " Are you ok?!" He said coming over to me. " No! My body hurts! What happened last night? wait... i need a trash can now!" He quickly got one and held my hair out of my face. When i was done throwing up, i asked him " What happened last night Harry?" " You wanted to throw a party, so we agreed and you were very drunk... you drank more than probably anyone here last night! And you got into a fight with some guy across the street and he hit u and the girls with a baseball bat...." I just looked at him weird. " Well i can't believe i got into a fight or anything that happened last night. . . . . " Then i threw up again. It hurt really bad and i started to kinda cry. " Alex it's going to be ok. The pain will go away soon...." After a few minutes of sitting there with Harry i guess the girls felt fine, even if they did get hit like me. They threw something at me and i screamed in pain loudly, waking all of the lads up. Niall came up to me seeing if i was ok. " NO! i think you should take me to the fucking doctor. " I said starting to cry more. " Ok ok lads come on help me get her in the car." They did and we got there quickly.


When we arrived at the hospital the doctors took her quickly and we waited. About a few hours later the doctor came in. " You guys here for Alexis?" " Alex, yes." I said. " She's in room 104, you may see her." We just left and went in there. She was awake when we went in there. "How are you? What did they say was wrong?" " I'm fine, the doctor said nothing was broken and that i was lucky. He said im really bruised up though." "When can you leave?" " Whenever." We nodded and decided to go ahead and take her home. When we got home we put her on the couch. I don't know why the girls aren't hurting like her, they have a lot of bruises to. " Girls why aren't you in pain like Alex? " I asked them when we left the room. " We are it's just we didn't want to worry you guys." " Well you are doing a good job of showing it but come on and lay down in there with her." They nodded and did so. " They are in pain to." " No doubt about that. That crazy guy was really swinging that bat." Niall said. " Please be quiet.... i have a headache." Alex said. " Sorry love..." Niall said. Then i went to get the girls pillows and blankets. They fell asleep quickly. " I want to go and see this guy right now." Zayn said getting up with Niall and Harry following. " Wait... i don't know.... oh well let's go. Liam can you wait here?" " Sure." Then we left and we knocked on his door. " Hello?" He said. " Hi you think it's fucking hilarious to beat up our girls with baseball bats huh?" I asked him. " Look they shouldn't have messed with me." " Thanks to you one of our girls can't move with out crying in pain. It's your fucking turn." " You do anything i will call the cops." We all smirked to each other. " Start calling then." We went in and started beating him up.

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