Punk Direction

Hello lads and loves... My name is Alexis White! My friends call me Alex and i am 17 years old... I've done some things that im not proud of. My parents, teachers, everyone im around, thinks i have a bad attitude.... i almost killed someone because i wouldn't stop punching them. Now my parents think i need " help. " The only people I'll talk to is Christy, Am, Garriyn. But when these group of new guys come to our school... lets say they helped us but then started turning on us at some points.... read to find out more


11. Now what?


Once Alex said she lost everything i started to break down and cry with her. Christy did to. The lads were trying to remain calm but they were also crying. Harry came and sat next to me hugging me while i cried into his shoulder. " Alex, you didn't loose everything, we are here for you. Even if we are the last things to family you have left!" I couldn't control myself, i was a nervous wreck and crying. Christy was hugging Alex while Louis was hugging her and Niall hugging Alex. "Alex we are so sorry!" Zack's brother, Matt said. "I was texting...." " YOU'RE THE REASON SHE IS DEAD MATT!!!! YOU NEVER PAID ATTENTION TO THE DAMN ROAD!" Alex screamed at him. " Alex calm down please! Besides she wasn't the best person to be with." He mumbled the last part, Alex heard. She stood up and was trying to punch him. Niall and Zayn held her back. " You're such a jerk! I can't believe she is gone! AND BECAUSE OF YOU!!" She yelled, leaving their grasp and hitting the wall. " Alex, it was a mistake.... it could have happened to anyone. " Zack said. " Because... of Matt.... i lost the most important person in my life! I WISH IT WE ME DEAD NOT HER!!" " Please don't say that." Niall said hugging her again. We decided to leave but all of us remained crying, especially Alex, Christy, and i. We got home, Niall basically had to carry her in, she was a mess. He brought her upstairs while i was with everyone else.  About 3 hours later Niall came back down, " She cried herself to sleep." Then he turned away from us so we wouldn't really see him get upset. We were all still upset. Christy and i Went to her room and we silently cried ourselves to sleep.


I hated to see her cry, especially when she cried herself to sleep. I was still crying, " She cried herself to sleep." I told everyone then i turned away so they wouldn't see me upset. Then the girls went upstairs and i guess went to bed. "I can't believe that this is going on right now." Everyone just nodded in agreement. We all just sat there trying to process everything. After a while i guess we all fell asleep on the floor.

Next day . . . .

I woke up and i noticed Garriyn was coming down stairs, right then all the lads woke up. " Did you sleep in with Alex?" She nodded and sat on the couch. We all started to feel the urge to cry again. Christy came down, " I can't.... I need to take a walk. " We all nodded but no one moved. " Later." she said just sitting on the chair. Then, she came down. " You alright?" I asked looking at her. She barely nodded. " You want to do something today...?" She didn't answer. " Tomorrow is the funeral.... you want to go?" She nodded and just went next to Garriyn on the couch. We just sat there most of the day, no one felt like doing shit. We didn't eat all day. Next thing we knew it was night time and we all just fell asleep where we were....

When i woke up everyone was sorda already awake. " Today's the funeral.... We should get ready. They all went to get dressed. Then after a few minutes we left to go.... After the funeral i tried talking to Alex, she wouldn't talk. She's been mute since she yelled at Matt. " Alex you have to talk at some point." She just shook her head saying no. We went home and she started crying again, so she went upstairs and fell asleep. She's been mute and hasn't been eating. This isn't good...


I hated everything that was going on right now. I don't want to cry anymore, see others cry, or Alex or anyone be hurt anymore. Christy and the other girls haven't talked much either. This was miserable.

2 weeks later. . . .

It's been two weeks since the funeral. Alex is barely eating so we basically force her to eat, everyone else is much better. And Alex hasn't talked at all. " Alex please eat.... and talk? We don't want you to die of starvation. " She would just roll her eyes and eat some then go to her room. "Can you girls go and try to talk to her, and try getting her to eat." " Yea sure." They said and went up there. " Niall, you need to try talking to her. She really trusted you." " I know..." The girls came back and they said. " She ate everything. Also she said she would start talking again!" She then came into the kitchen, " Hey..." we all smiled. " Finally, i missed that voice." I said hugging her. As did the other lads. " yea... I just miss her..." "We know you do, but do you think Am would want you to starve and not speak?" " No..." "Ok then, you hungry?" She nodded and i made her some french fries. She ate them all. "Well i guess she's somewhat back. She's talking, having Nialls huge apatite..." Everyone laughed. "Now what?" They shrugged then we got a call, Paul. I answered the phone and talked to him. After that i went back into the room. " Guys pack your bags! We are going on our TMH Tour!" They seemed surprised, but went to pack. I didn't expect this but oh well.

After we packed we decided to rest for the day, waiting for what happens tomorrow.

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