Punk Direction

Hello lads and loves... My name is Alexis White! My friends call me Alex and i am 17 years old... I've done some things that im not proud of. My parents, teachers, everyone im around, thinks i have a bad attitude.... i almost killed someone because i wouldn't stop punching them. Now my parents think i need " help. " The only people I'll talk to is Christy, Am, Garriyn. But when these group of new guys come to our school... lets say they helped us but then started turning on us at some points.... read to find out more


10. Moments...


When we were walking around, i told them what Alex said to me. " Really..?" Louis said. " Yea, she said she's not going to trust us again..." I said sighing. " I'm going to text her saying im sorry and ya..." We all did. She didn't respond though. I decided to call Harry. " Harry? Alex there?" " Yea but she's upset." I just looked down at the ground. " We are almost home.. bye." " Bye." When we walked into the living room she was sitting on the couch, until she noticed us. " Were sorry..." She ignored us and went up stairs. " We said we are sorry..." " I heard you." We just looked at her. " Can you give us one more chance?" She stood there and thought about it. " I ...." And she just trailed off. I felt ashamed of what i did, and the others are to. " Please...." She just stood there. " I'll forgive you but... i can't trust you yet." With that she went upstairs. " I can't believe we just screwed this up." They nodded and sat on the couch. This was horrible.


I was sitting here with Zack, watching some movies when we watched the news... my sister on the news?! " Turn it up." He did and it showed that they had a big party... " This is my sister?! What the freak!" I just let it go... she could take care of her self....

Few days later . . . . .

I decided to call my sister and see how she was doing. " Hello? Am?!" " Yea it's me! How are you?" She laughed a little into the phone. " Been miserable but good at the same time." " Well we watched the news the other day, you were drunk!" She groaned, " Don't remind me. " " So how were you miserable?" " The lads.... Well Niall, Zayn and Louis anyways.... they have been acting up again.... and i have bruises everywhere..." " Someone had some special fun huh?" " NO! If you call being hit with a baseball bat and having the lads pushed you into a wall, then yea that's special fun." My eyes went wide then. " Who hit you?! And with a bat?!!" Zack looked at me a little worried now. " Our neighbor... he's in jail now. But we had to stay over night there and i was texting my ex... max... and the lads got pissy with me.... When they let us out later that day the lads chased me to an alley way to try and get my phone.... they were all jerks, besides Harry and Liam." I didn't know how to respond to that. " Let me call you back ok?" " Mkay, bye Am." "bye..." After i hung up i looked at Zack. " Zack can we go and visit her please?" " Let me ask mum, be right back." A few minutes later he came back with a smile on his face. " Were going to visit Alex! But... my brother has to come." " No, he likes her and the other two girls, he will flirt. " " We have no choice....start packing were leaving tomorrow." I sighed and started to pack. When i was done i called Alex back. " Hey Alex, im coming to visit you tomorrow!!" " Really?! Yes! I cant wait." " Well got to go, see you soon." With that i hung up and went to sleep.


I was soo happy i could see Am. We haven't really talked since we graduated. I guess the lads heard me and they came running in. " You ok?" Liam asked. " Yes! Am is coming here to see me!" "That's great! " Harry said and they hugged me and helped clean up my room a little bit. When we were done.... we sat on the floor and were talking for a while. " So, you going to talk to the other lads?" " I doubt it... i just don't know why they acted like that....." They just shrugged their shoulders and we watched a movie for a while. I was getting tired. " You can lean on my shoulder if you want.." They said i just leaned over to Harry and i fell sleep quickly....

Next day . . .

I woke up, and i was still leaning on Harry's shoulder and Liam was on my other shoulder. And i guess Louis came in here last night because we was sleeping at Liam's feet. I didn't want to wake up. So i tried falling back asleep. About a few minutes later i heard Harry whispering to Louis and Liam. " She said she doesn't want to talk to you... she doesn't trust you." " I realized that Harry! But you need to talk to her please." " Fine... Might as well stay in here till she wakes up then.." " Alright." I didn't wake up, i had nothing to say to Louis.... After a few i peeked through my eyes and they were asleep, so i slowly got up and i guess they were faking.... " Alex please?" I looked at Louis and then to Harry and Liam. " Why? You obviously ignored me when i told you to stop." " Alex please? Zayn and Niall are sorry too..." I just walked out of the room and went to the kitchen. Niall came in a few minutes later. " Alex.... we are sorry......" " Whatever." I mumbled. And i sat down at the table eating some pieces of bread. It was only 7 in the morning so the girls or Am wouldn't be here or awake yet. " What will make you trust us again?" He asked sitting across from me. " I don't know... i just don't want you guys to hurt me or do what you did again..." " We won't! Promise." He said to me. I just kinda smiled at him, his face was priceless. " Fine Horan!" He smiled then jumped up and hugged me. "I'll let Zayn and Louis know to?" " YES!" Gosh .... He ran up the stairs and a few seconds i heard them running down the stairs. They sound like elephants. They hugged me. Then i got a call from my cell it was Am! " Hey Am! Where are you?" I said trying not to laugh because Niall, Louis, and Zayn kept making funny faces. " Hello this is Drake, i work with the police department. Amber, guessing your related?" I wasn't smiling any more, and the lads stopped with the faces. " Ya... im her sister..." " Well they got in a car wreck.... she .... didn't make it. Her friends are hurt really bad and we don't think they would make it either." I just stood there. I dropped the phone and sat on the floor crying. Niall picked up the phone. " Hi who is this?" Niall talked to him for a few minutes... " Am... Died earlier..." They all hugged me and called for the girls and the other lads to come here. I just got up and started freaking out and i ended up punching the door. I just leaned against the door.


Garriyn and i didn't get that much sleep last night, so we ended up talking for a long time. " So why would the lads just do that? If they texted their ex's Alex wouldn't freak out and we wouldn't either." " I know... let's just watch the telly." Christy said. We turned the channel to Nick because we like the lads commercial. And so we could watch spongebob but it didn't come on. So we decided to watch South Park and Tosh.o. After watching that for 3 hours we heard Louis calling for us four. We decided to go down... We looked to Harry and Liam with a questioning look they shrugged their shoulders. We went into the kitchen seeing Alex crying. Garriyn and i went to her and hugged her. " Why is she freaking crying?! What did you do now?" " We... didn't do anything. Her sister got into a car wreck." I gasped and so did the other 3. " Oh my gosh... Alex im so sorry." we sat on the floor with Alex still hugging her. She finally stopped crying and just sat there. " Are you ok?" She just sat there still. Am was the only person in her family she cared about. Everywhere Alex went she made sure Am was there. She would even say no to hanging out with friends because she didn't want to leave her sister. She basically has no family now. " Garriyn stay here with Alex while i talk to the lads in the other room real quick." " Alright." The lads followed me out. " What are we going to do now? She has no family. You need to make sure you never hurt her again. If you do your going to deal with me." They all nodded and they didn't know what to do. " She's going to be depressed for a while, you all need to help her out." " We will, are they going to have a funeral?" Zayn asked. " Psh i don't know i just came down here. Call the hospital or something." They nodded and i went back in there, the lads following me.


I wish i could cheer her up but i don't know how. " How about we... watch a movie? Buy ice cream?" She barely nodded, so i went to the store and bought cookies and cream ice cream and rented Ted. I've heard it was funny. When we got back i gave everyone ice cream and put the movie in. The order we sat in on the floor, Me-Alex-Liam-Harry-Garriyn-Louis-Christy-Zayn. We put it in and it was starting. The beginning was kinda slow, then it was getting funny. Alex was barely eating her ice cream and not really laughing. I felt really bad for her right now. " Alex.... You ok....? " She just shook her head and looked at her ice cream. " Guys how about we go and visit them at the hospital...." Everyone agreed and we went. When we got there we asked for where the three were. " Room 220... The girls still in there but she is about to be taken out of there." " Thanks." I mumbled. When we got in there we saw two guys and then Am. Alex was the last one to enter. She walked into the room and then looked at Am. She just looked at her then the other guys. She broke down crying. I went over to her and hugged her. "It's going to be ok..." I said rubbing her back. Garriyn and Christy came over to us and they hugged her also crying. " I'm so sorry Alex!" They both said in sync. Then One of the boys was waking up. " Zack! How did this happen?!" She said in between sobs. " I don't know! We were coming when some car drove in front of us! I just lost the best girl in the world." He started to cry to. Everyone was. " And i lost the only person left in my family that i cared for."


While i was sitting there in the arms of my friends i was thinking of the good times i was with her.

#1 -" Alex i need some money!" " Why?" I laughed when she rolled her eyes. " I want to get us shakes.... i'll get your favorite!" I smiled i couldn't refuse that. " Ok... here is ..... $20, make sure you get hot fudge shake." " Ok.. love you be back."

#2 -" Am! I'm going to the park, i have gum!" She came running in. " I am coming!!!" We laughed and we had fun the rest of the day...

#3 -" Why do we have to stay home all the time? Why can't we sneak out away from this house?" Am said one night. " I'm not sure... but if you want to ill grab my bag and we could walk around." She smiled and agreed. I put blankets and pillows in the bag and also my wallet. We went to McDonalds, then went to the park and ate under the stars. " This moment, i will never forget. Hope i can take my kids here." Am said sighing and drinking her coke. " Me to.."

" I lost everything now................."

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