Forever {Sequel to Stay, Completed}

"I'm not leaving our baby here Niall!" "Carter, love I know you're afraid but-" "But nothing! She is our daughter Niall! If we leave, she lives with us." He ran his fingers through his blonde hair and sighed. What's he going to say? What the heck is happening? Who knows? Just read it :) Copyright ©


11. Chapter 10

Carter's POV

I woke up beside Niall the next morning. He was sleeping so soundly, I smiled and went into Tally's room. She was laying on her stomach, coughing her little guts out. I quickly picked her up and patted her on the back lightly, "Are you all right sweetheart?" I asked knowing she wouldn't reply but I was concerned. She kept on coughing, and a few seconds later she sneezed. "Bless you! Niall!" Niall appeared sleepily in the doorway seconds later, "What's going on? You look worried." "I think Tally might be sick.. she's been coughing a lot." "Carter, she's just coughing. It's normal." "Niall! Please just get the thermometer. I'm not taking any chances." "All right, all right." He said exciting the room and returning with the thermometer. I stuck it underneath her tiny arm and waited for it to beep. "A hundred and one." I stated taking it out. "Niall could you call the doctor? I need to her ready and myself ready." "For what?" "I'm taking Tally to the doctor. It's different when babies have fevers than people our age." "Carter calm down, I'll call the doctor and see what she says. For the time being, you get dressed and her dressed. I'll call Louis and El too." "What for?" "If we're going to the doctor then they don't need to babysit." "Oh that's right! We were meant to go see Harry and Annabell today!" I set Tally down in her crib and ran my fingers through my hair. Niall sensed my stress and lifted my head from hands, "I'll take care of Tally and the phone calls. You go get ready." He gave me a smile, his most irresistible smile. "All right. Thank you, I'm sorry for stressing it's just-" He cut me off with his sweet, soft lips. "You've seriously got to stop doing that!" I giggled after we had pulled away. "Oh yeah I can tell by the way you get into it that you hate it." I stuck out my tongue at him, "Whatever!" I smirked, walking out. I got my shower, got dressed and did my makeup and hair all in under 30 minutes. By the time I had got out, Niall and Tally were both ready. "Wow you guys work fast. So what did the doctor say?" "She said that we should just come in, this is the time she's been sick so she wants to make sure it's just a fever and nothing serious." I nodded, "All right. We're not going to take the pram?" "I figured I could just hold her and you could the diaper bag?" "I'll take her, you take the bag. It's way heavier and you're the one with the muscle." I said taking Tally from his arms. "It's true, I called Louis and El too. They understand and they'll tell Harry the situation. He'll understand too." "I just feel a bit guilty." I said as Niall locked the door and followed me into the elevator. He put a hand on my arm and rubbed it a little, "Everything is fine. Annabell will be fine. Harry will be fine." I know he was only to trying to comfort me but I was still a bit worried, "You're right. I'll calm down." We reached the lobby seconds later where security lead us to Niall's car. The paparazzi were swarming the building. I held onto Tally tight as we excited the building. The paparazzi screaming our names over and over again. Tally started to get scared and began to cry, "Sweetie it's all right shh". I tried to sooth her and I shot Niall a look. The security opened the passenger door and I passed Tally to Niall while I buckled in. He passed her back to me while he got in. I strapped a still crying Tally in her car seat and security got into a car and drove behind us. We were about a mile up the road until Niall pulled over to the side of the road and looked over me. I reached into the backseat and picked up Tally who was still wailing, "Shh baby it's all right." I rocked her in my arms trying to calm her down. Niall put his hand on my arm and rubbed it gently. "They really scared her, all that yelling and flashing of the cameras. It frightened me too." Tears forming in my eyes too. "I know Carter, they're horrible scary people. And I'm sorry they scared you Tally." He said kissing her tiny head. She continued on crying. "She won't stop crying, do you have her blanket?" "Yeah it's the diaper bag, I'll get it." He reached into the backseat and took Tally's blanket out of her diaper bag. He passed it to me and I wrapped her up tight. I held her close to me and kissed her forehead. She settled down after that, slowly falling asleep once I put her back in her seat and strapped her in. "Glad that's over, think she'll be awake once we get there?" "She should be. Security is wondering what we're going to do?" "We're going. Tally's fine now." Niall waved to car behind us and he started the car again. We got to the office minutes later and security waited outside. We waited in the waiting room a few minutes while I filled out Tally's paperwork. I had seen my mum do this for me all the time so I had a pretty good idea how to fill it out, Niall filled out the insurance part though. I brought it back up to the secretary and she looked at me, "Um yes?" I asked confused. "Can I have your boyfriend's autograph?" She asked handing me a notepad. "Umm sure..." I said taking it and handing it to Niall. He raised his eyebrows slightly confused, "She wants your autograph." I pointed to the nurse sitting at the desk. He nodded and quickly scribbled his name on the paper. I brought it back and she smiled brightly. I walked back before she could ask me anymore questions. "Well that strange." I said sitting down again. I looked at Tally asleep in Niall's arms, it was so adorable. "Yeah well that's the price of being famous." "I guess so." A nurse came out a few minutes later and called our names. She led us back a room where she took Tally's temperature again and other basic things. "The doctor should be with you shorty, and Niall?" He sighed, "Yes?" "Can I have your autograph?" She asked holding out her clipboard. I tried not to laugh at the expression she had on her face as Niall signed the paper. "Thanks so much!" She said as she excited the room. "Wow. Even nurses are crazy about you." He gave me a smug smile, "Are you jealous?" He asked poking my arm. "No!" I said poking him back. Tally was laying on the tiny examination table on her stomach. She was starting to fall asleep again, "No, no sweetie no sleeping. Not now." I said picking her up and bouncing her on my knee a little trying to wake her up. She giggled a little which made me smile. The doctor came in a few short minutes later. "Hello Carter, Niall. How's Tally doing? You said she had a fever?" "Yes. She had a fever of a hundred and one this morning." "I see well let me check her out and I'll let you know when you can come back." "We have to leave the room?" I asked my voice rising a little. Niall laid a hand on my shoulder, "How long with that take?" He asked keeping his voice calm and steady. "Just a few minutes, nothing to worry about." I took a deep breath, "All right." I said handing Tally to the doctor. She instantly burst into tears, "Sweetie it's all right. The doctor is going to make you feel better ok?" I said giving her a kiss on her head before walking out, Niall was behind me. "I know she's a doctor but she's my daughter! I hate those stupid stethoscopes!" "Carter, calm down. She's a baby doctor. She's knows what she's doing." "I certainly hope so because if she hurts her I swear I'll-" "Carter." "Sorry, sorry calming down." We were out in the waiting room for ten minutes until the doctor brought Tally out to us. I held her close to me, "I'm not letting her touch you again." I whispered into her tiny ear. "Is she going to be ok?" Niall asked. "Yes she should be fine but I'm giving you this prescription. Just follow the instructions I wrote down and she should be feeling better in no time. Bye Tally see you next time." She smiled and left. "She's a little too perky for my tastes. Can we look into a new doctor?" "Carter! Tally's been seeing her since she was born. We're not switching doctors." Niall said starting the car. "Fine." I grumbled, strapping Tally in her car seat. We got home five minutes later and I put Tally down for her nap. "She's asleep" I said downstairs where Niall was eating a sandwich. "That's a big sandwich." I said looking at it. "I'm hungry" He said with his mouth full. "You're disgusting" I said hitting his arm playfully. "But you love me anyway." He said smiling. "Very true" I reached my ringing phone in my pocket. "Hey El! What's up?" "You've got to down here! You can bring Tally, but Annabell's woken up!" "That's wonderful! But you sound worried..." "Yeah something's wrong with her." "What's that?" "Well.."

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